What is Tantric Sex and Why You Should Be Doing It

tantric sex

Would you like to strengthen the connection you share with your partner? Perhaps you’re seeking a way to reconnect with them in the bedroom? Then it may be time to try the ancient Hindu practice of tantric sex. Many people wonder what does tantric mean, with few actually knowing what’s involved. Tantric sex can add a whole new dimension to your sex life, creating an incredible mind-body connection. With tantric sex, orgasm isn’t the primary aim. Instead, the objective is to increase the sexual energy between you and your partner whilst drawing you closer to a higher power.

How to do tantric sex

It can be difficult for many people to understand tantra sexual practices. Whereas the main goal in traditional lovemaking is usually orgasm, this isn’t so important in tantra. Tantric sex doesn’t have a beginning or end and doesn’t require intercourse. It involves extended foreplay, aiming to create a high level of sexual energy between you and your tantric sex partner. You can then tap into this energy for use in various other areas of your life. Many people have become accustomed to enjoying quickie sex, but tantra is the opposite, involving a far slower, gentler and deeper sexual experience. Read on to find out how to do tantric sex for beginners.

Design and prepare your space

The first thing you’ll need to do before you start enjoying tantric love techniques is prepare your intimacy space. This area should be comfortable, relaxed and free from clutter. You’ll then need to decorate the space with candles and flowers, and you may want to consider introducing sensual scents to the room, such as jasmine or rose natural oils. Make sure there’s plenty of soft pillows and bedding available. Dim the lights and put on some soft music that you both like. You could enjoy some wine whilst enjoying tantra, but don’t overdo it, as the idea is to stay in the moment!

Keep an open mind

It’s so important to keep an open mind when exploring tantra sexuality. Of course, if something makes you feel really uncomfortable, you don’t have to do it. However, you should always try to move past feelings of discomfort. Throughout the act, try to stay curious and playful in order to open yourself up to new forms of pleasure. Enjoying tantra love making for the first time involves stepping outside of your comfort zone, and so you’ll need to prepare yourself mentally for the experience.

Begin the tantra

Once you’ve showered and stretched to relieve tension, it’s time to begin tantric sex. Assume the ‘yab-yum’ position and make yourselves comfortable. This position involves sitting cross-legged in front of your partner, ideally with your knees touching. You could also wrap your legs around their midriff. Breathe deeply and in harmony together whilst gazing into each other’s eyes. Do this until you can feel a connection has been established between you. This is the connection you’ll need to really enjoy tantric sex practice.

Open your eyes

Keeping your eyes open during sex can be surprisingly difficult, but it’s actually an important part of tantric technique. Eye contact can deepen the spiritual connection with your partner, making the intimacy even more profound. By keeping your eyes open during tantra love making, you’re seeing every part of them and taking all of them in. At the same time, you’re hiding nothing from them and revealing your true self.

Caress and kiss your partner

Once a connection has been created, it’s time to begin caressing your partner. Use slow and light touches to caress their body, awakening their senses and heightening sensation. Make sure you maintain eye contact whilst doing this. Move your hands near to their genitals, but don’t touch them. You could now choose to enjoy a tantric kiss, which basically involves relaxing your lips and joining them softly and partially open with your partner’s. It requires sustained contact of the lips, which means no pulling away. Stay connected and become one via passionate tantric kissing. You could go on to tantric massage, with the receiving person beginning face down. You could use your hands only or use other tools to give added texture, such as fabric or wax.

Slowly build up to sex

Although intercourse certainly isn’t the focus of tantric sex, some people may choose to finish the practice this way. Just make sure you enjoy a slow build up, using plenty of foreplay in order to pique arousal. Go slowly and choose positions that boost the connection with your partner. Maintain eye contact and stay present in the moment. Again, a tantric orgasm isn’t the goal, but some people may choose to finish this way. If you don’t choose to have sex, you can always lay together in a relaxed state, simply enjoying each other’s presence.

A way of reconnecting with your partner

In this hectic modern world, many people rarely stop to really focus on their partner. Enjoying tantric sex together can be an amazing way to reconnect and enhance not just sexual pleasure, but your relationship too. This connection created through tantra can build a deep level of intimacy, helping you to feel closer and more loving towards each other. Trying tantric sex positions can be daunting if it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s sure to enhance your sex life with your partner for the better.

Hopefully, our tantric sex how to guide has given you some insight into this ancient form of art sex. The practices and techniques involved can seriously enhance your love life, helping you to become more connected with your partner. Whether you want to reconnect with your beloved or you simply want to introduce and explore new activities in the bedroom, it’s time to try tantric sex.

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