Do You Know What You’re Feeling? Is it Love or is It Lust?

couple un bed

It isn’t always a clear-cut case when it comes to figuring out if you are in love with someone, or if you are in lust with them. Do you know the signs of love or lust? Can you figure out what exactly you are feeling for that special someone in your life?

We’ll help you figure it out! Here’re some ideas that will help you figure out what exactly you’re feeling for someone.

Thoughts at first sight

If the moment you see someone, you find that you’re full of happiness, and you can’t contain your giddiness, then you’re certainly in love. On the other side, if you see your partner for the first time in a while, and all you can think of is how attractive they are, then your relationship is based on lust instead.

You feel like you’re in love

Do you find yourself feeling happy and lost in romantic thoughts all day? Do you catch yourself smiling without realizing you’re doing it? Then you’re probably brimming with love. However, if you find that you feel more sexually aroused or feel sexy, then you’re probably feeling more in lust than anything else.

Spending quality time together

During the first few weeks or months that you’re hanging out with each other, do you have a good conversation with each other? Do you make out with each other and spend the night together? Do you kiss each other goodbye after having sex? Then chances are you’re in love with each other. If you just have sex with them, and that’s where the fun ends, then there is more lust in your relationship than love. It’s important that the physical intimacy is accompanied by an emotional connection as well.

Going out on the weekend

What are your plans when the weekend rolls around? Do you go out to the club with your friends and party like it’s 1999, or do you two go to a quiet restaurant and talk about things that happened during the week? If you prefer to spend time with your friends than your partner, then that’s a good indication that you feel more lust than love toward them.

Your favorite memories of love

Do you spend some time thinking and reflecting back over the things you’ve done and see with your partner? Do these memories include sexual stuff or romantic stuff? If most of the memories you have included sexual activities or give you a sexual feeling, then obviously it’s based on lust, whereas if you have romantic memories, you’re in a loving relationship.

When you think about your partner

When you’re away from your partner, it’s normal to think about them from time to time. The question is what sort of thoughts do you have? Do you think about how much you want to ravage him the second you see them? Or, do you think about how excited you are to tell them about your day and ask about theirs? The former is a lusty response whereas the latter is a loving response.

If you find that your relationship is based more off of lust than anything else, don’t worry! It’s never too late to change your relationship’s future if you wanted to. With a bit of work, you can decide if you are interested in a loving relationship, or if you like the lusty intrigues better.