What are the Most Popular Sexual Fetishes?


What is a sexual fetish

Not to be confused with a fantasy which you can in your mind during sex or masturbating, a fetish is actually something that needs to be present during sex to allow the participant to become aroused. Let’s say you like tattooed women. It’s no good shutting your eyes and pretending she’s got tattoos. You are going to need to be able to see them. Now some people may be quite open about their fetish and discuss openly with their friends or colleagues while others may be very private and only bring it up with a partner that they can feel comfortable with. A fetish is something you should only undertake with a mutually consenting partner as well that isn’t disturbed or perturbed by it.

What are the most popular fetishes?

When it comes to the popular fetishes that don’t raise so much of an eyebrow, there are a few. Some or most of you will be able to call a few to mind, whether you are into them or not:

Filming yourself having sex

With technology in the palm of our hand it is easier than ever to film ourselves having sex which is why it is becoming so much more popular. You don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of setting up a video camera when you have a smartphone to hand. Just be careful where these videos end up.

Foot fetish

An oldie but still a popular fetish with many who like to touch feet, lick them, suck toes and have them rubbed down their back with or without stockings or heels.

Rubber or latex


Catsuits, gloves, masks… some love the feel of it, some love how tight it is and some just love the smell of it.


OK, so there is an erotic reason for this rather than just the standard control and domination and that is that if you get the spank in the right place, there is an erogenous zone where the buttock meets the thighs. How many of you just reached for you own bum to check?

Water sports

No, we don’t mean water skiing, paddle boarding or surfing, we are referring to the water sports otherwise known as golden showers or urination during sex to give it a more ‘polite’ term. Water sports is the term for peeing on your sexual partner. Apparently, it is far more popular than you might think for a number of reasons whether it’s the smell, the feel or just the sight of seeing someone do it.


Swinging or group sex essentially refers to one couple with another couple who “wife swap”. It has a bit of a reputation for being a scenario where you all meet and put your car keys in a bowl in the middle of a table!



Some get off on the thought of being watched and there are actually niche fetishes or activities within this like dogging, or having sex at a window or even just somewhere outdoors where there is a thrill of getting caught (sex in a public place is illegal in many countries though so be careful).

The more unusual sexual fetishes

There are those fetishes which are quite commonplace and then there are those that aren’t. These fetishes can be referred to as odd and some might say they are weird but to some they are something quite serious to the person that has that particular fetish. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Objectum Sexualis

Sit back guys and girls – this is an actual thing. Have you seen those documentaries about women (it’s a more common female fetish) who marry things? One woman married the Eiffel Tower and changed her name so that she had the name Eiffel. Other landmarks and inanimate objects feature as well with some actually falling in love with a car! It’s actually more of a condition as opposed to strictly a fetish where the individual feels a strong physical and emotional attraction to the object.


It’s true! It is possible to have an erotic obsession with balloons. One guy has a collection of 50,000 balloons and a very understanding wife.

Cake farts

Simply a woman sitting on top of a cake and farting! Obviously, the cake has icing and the woman is wearing no underwear and we will leave that there for your imagination.

Introducing your fetish to a new partner


There are actually ways you can meet people that are into the same thing but if you are introducing your fetish to a partner and it is something that is important to you, you need to be honest and upfront. If this is something that is going to scare them off then it is better to know sooner rather than later. If they are willing to give it a try then make sure you have an agreement to go slowly and stop if they feel uncomfortable with any element if it’s something like BDSM perhaps you can agree a safe word. For some people, the fetish is a deal breaker and they are only interested in dating someone that can agree to understand and partake in their fetish.

There are so many sexual fetishes, some far more extreme and unusual than others. Some are relatively safe and harmless while others may incur a degree of danger. Always be sexually careful and use protection and never undertake anything you aren’t comfortable with. Equally, if you aren’t afraid to try something new then go for it. A sexual fetish isn’t something that you should be ashamed of and if your partner has a fetish that seems strange to you, or if you have recently met someone that is into one of those that we have mentioned, you should try and be understanding and not judgemental. Just because it is ‘normal’ to one person and not to another doesn’t mean that either person is wrong. As long as two consenting adults are mutually agreeable with the situation then this is fine. If you have met someone that has confided their fetish to you and you are not interested then you need to be kind in how you deal with this. If you are quite happy to give it a go, it might be something you find yourself enjoying more than you imagined.

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