8 Online Habits that Will Turn off a Man for Sure

stressed man with laptop

As great as technology can be and how deeply entwined it is in our daily lives, it can also cause a lot of trouble. Here are 8 habits women do online that are big turn-offs for men.

Using social media to air dirty laundry

When you take to Twitter or Facebook to rant about an argument you had with your man, or to complain that he left the toilet seat up again, it’s not just rude, but it is incredibly immature — even if you are being obscure in the posts. Before you can even delete the offending post, people will get an idea what’s going on and start asking questions. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved, not just for the man in your life whom these posts are about!

Friending a stalkerish ex

You’ve been broken up by this guy for years but you’ve never actually deleted him from your social media platforms. While there may not be anything there, neither of you may even comment on one another’s posts, the very fact that he is there is enough to get under your new man’s skin. To your man, your ex shouldn’t be in your life, even if it is on an alternate Facebook account.

Being too eager

Maybe you’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks and you’ve already begun to tag him in your posts, changed your relationship status, and calling him your boyfriend. By doing these things before he is ready is a huge turn-off. Not only is it presumptuous, but it shows that you’re clingy, needy, and these things tend to scare men away quicker than getting a bikini wax.

Paying him a loaded compliment

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t tell the world that he is a great guy because he surprised you with a bouquet of roses, but when you say things that insinuate that they caved with a statement like, “After hinting about going to XYZ for so long, he finally took me!” you are actually making him feel bad and unappreciated.

Snapping pictures while on a date

When you’re out with your friends, taking a picture of that delicious looking dessert is okay. However, when you’re out on a date and you feel like it is important to take a selfie at a new restaurant (without him in the picture no less), it is inappropriate and it changes the dynamic of the date. Often times, he may feel like he isn’t a priority in your book.

Marking your territory

You may want to have the same kind of social media relationship with your man that you do with your friends. You may write on their walls and tag them in every post or picture, but with a guy? They don’t particularly care for that kind of attention. It’s always a good idea that if you have something you want him to know, tell him via text, phone call, or in person — his friends don’t have to know that you had an amazing night and he shouldn’t be ashamed that he cried during the movie.

As fun as it may be to ‘gram and tweet 24/7′, you should point out that this online-habit can be a turn-off. So be careful and pay more attention to our advice! We’ll help you to make your dating excellent.