6 Ways Technology Changes the Way We Date


Dating used to be simple. All you had to do was meet a guy, go on a date, and see if there is any chemistry between you two. However, thanks to various social media websites, online dating sites, and even apps on our smartphones, the way we are dating are changing our habits. Keep in mind, these new habits aren’t all bad.

We are more likely to trade up.

Facebook and dating sites make it easy for us to scour through the countless profiles of eligible singles that we may want to date. People who are unhappy in their relationships are more likely to turn to these websites to find a new partner because it is secretive and it can be done at any time. With apps, you can do it with your partner sitting right next to you without their knowing. We aren’t recommending it, but simply stating it’s a possibility!

We aren’t as invested in relationships.

Since it is so easy to find new people thanks to the mass amounts of tech that is available, we as a people aren’t overly invested in the relationships we find ourselves in. Why? It could be because we know that there is someone who can offer us what our current relationship lacks. This knowledge makes us ungrateful for the people we do have in our lives.

We are more adventurous in the bedroom.

Thanks to technology, there are sites on the internet that cater to all sorts of desires and fantasies. Because of the possible things to discover on these sites, you are going to find more people willing to experiment with new things that will enhance the intimate moments you share with the person in your life.

We are more willing to play the field.

There is a difference between a man who doesn’t call you when he says he will then a guy who doesn’t respond to your tweets. Thanks to the technology our smartphones are equipped with, communication is no longer an art form, it is a simplified version that takes little to no effort at all. Since it doesn’t require a lot of effort, we aren’t affected by rejection the same.

We are willing to broaden our dating horizons.

We like to believe that we have a particular type for a reason, and we will rarely (if ever) stray from it. With technology, we are more willing to date someone who doesn’t fit our “type” because we literally have millions of people who we could be compatible with right at our fingertips.

We are more likely to spy on our significant others.

We know it isn’t right to spy, snoop, pry, and dig for dirt — but we do it anyway. Whether we Google our prospective date, we snoop through our partner’s email, or we peek over their shoulder when they receive a text message, we can’t help ourselves to find out what they are up to. This kind of paranoia can only spell disaster for a relationship, but if you do your research before a date, it could save you from hooking up with a criminal.