How Do I Impress a Girl by Chatting

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It can be nerve-racking to approach a girl and start making conversation, especially if you are new at dating and don’t have much practice. It is natural to be shy when approaching your opposite sex, but confidence is everything. So, here are a few tips to help you impress girls by chatting:

Be Confident

The number one reason men fear approaching women is because they fear rejection. While some women do play hard-to-get, don’t let them ruin dating for you. In general, women get flattered when they are approached by men. Also, keep a high self-esteem. Don’t doubt yourself and your ability to date a gorgeous, smart woman. They are as much human as you are.

So, if you know someone you would like to date, approach them by first making eye contact and then smile casually. Approach her with a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Be confident and talk to her politely, with no hint of arrogance. Also, make sure that you are dressed appropriately so that you are not conscious of your appearance. To avoid embarrassment, make sure she isn’t with someone else or has a ring on her finger.

Take Advantage of Mutual Friends

Before you walk up to her randomly, try to find some mutual friends. Mutual friends are the best way to get yourself introduced to the girl you are interested in. This also considerably decreases the chances of getting rejected because now you have more credibility.

Don’t Try Too Hard

You are just trying to find someone suitable for dating and not trying to make someone fall in love with you. Don’t try to change your behavior into someone that you think will make you more attractive. Just be yourself.

Keep the Conversation Interesting

When conversing with her, try to avoid awkward silences and preplan some icebreakers. Conduct a soft interview and get to know her without getting too personal. Make her laugh because a humorous conversation is more memorable. Also, make it apparent through your conversation and gestures that you are trying to ask her out. Don’t get friend-zoned. Lastly, don’t extend the conversation because of the more you talk, the more opportunities you have for screwing up. Once you think you have made a lasting impression, excuse yourself. This way, she also knows that you have a life of your own.

Before You Part Ways

Don’t let all your efforts go to waste by not asking for her number. Once you have eased her into a good conversation, ask for her number in a subtle manner. For example, while you are discussing your interests, such as your favorite restaurant to eat in, offer to take her there. When she agrees, you can ask for her number. Another way to get in touch with her is through social media. Just casually ask if she on Facebook. If she is, you can add her later and message her for a coffee date.

So, as you can see, you can impress a girl by simply chatting with her!