Snapchat Dating, a Guide for Guys to Meet Girls


Using snapchat and dating to meet girls

The 21st century is one of convenience, where we never have enough hours in the day and where in some respects we have become a little bit lazy. If it’s not lazy then it is certainly reliant on technology. We don’t have to go to the shops to get what we need the following day, we can just Amazon Prime it. We can order a movie through our TV screens, order our shopping online and seduce a girl from our mobile. It’s all so easy and convenient but does it work? We take a look at online dating and specifically how to Snapchat a girl from a guy’s perspective. How has this social media become a snapchat dating site and how can you get the best out of it?

Why should guys use snap dating?

If you are a man of few words and don’t fancy doing the whole dating profile thing then Snapchat offers a great platform for you to tell your story through a few brief pictures and captions. It becomes an everyday part of your life where you can tell people about yourself and what you are up to and the kind of guy you are. If you are using it to be yourself and socialise with a number of people then that’s great but you can also tailor to become a dating app to attract the girl that you want.

How do you get the date on Snapchat?

In the first instance, you need to have a Snapchat account. Sign up and create your profile. Now, if you want to come across as the cool guy then you are going to need to give some thought to a number of things including your username. What is your username going to be? This is going to depend on a number of factors including your age, how you want to be portrayed and the type of girl you are looking for. There is little point having teenager style usernames and wanting something a bit more serious.

Consider who you will add to your Snapchat

Be careful about who you add – there are a people that are going to want to follow you. This may include a vengeful ex, another girl who has the hots for you or someone that you would rather not socialise with. Make sure you understand who is going to be able to see your story and who can see what posts. If you are just trying to meet girls in general then you won’t need to be as picky about who you add or accept follow requests from and you may want to learn how to grow your Snapchat following. If you have your eye on one particular girl that you know uses Snapchat then you may what to be a bit more selective about the number of girls you follow.

Give consideration to what you post?

Now while we aren’t suggesting that you should plan every post to the nth degree, you do what to be mindful of what you are posting. Imagine if you were going to compose a text message. You’d probably ask her if she would like to go for a drink sometime with you. It’s a bit cliché and a little bit boring and not very subtle. Instead, why not play the game and send her a fun little snap. Make it quirky and interesting with a bit of imagination. Perhaps you could post a picture of a bottle of beer and ask her what her tipple for example. If you are snapping her direct then she will get the message that you like her and it will more than likely brighten her day more than a plain old message from a number she doesn’t recognise. Make an effort with your snaps and make sure they are just designed for her.

She doesn’t need to see everything you do

Perhaps the photos or videos of the nights out with the lads where you are extremely drunk are best left off of your story and kept for groups of your friends. Take pictures of yourself being yourself. Have fun, share your fun moments with people. Look like someone who knows how to have a good time without looking like a party animal and don’t be posting pics of yourself with other women if you are trying to impress one. The other absolute no is dick pics! Guys, women don’t like it!

Don’t over-filter your posts

Everyone loves a Snapchat filter and we all love the cute rabbit ears or the angel halos or the fact that we can suddenly appear 10 years younger but in reality, that should be used sparingly. If you look ten years younger in every photo that you snap, the reality is going to be a bit of a disappointment. Take flattering photos of yourself but don’t feel the need to add filters to everyone.

Turn off the location tracking

One of the features of Snapchat is that you can see where other people are and that you can use location filters in certain places. If you are somewhere that you don’t wish your whereabouts to be known then make sure you adjust your location settings. It’s not great if you are trying to be a man of mystery to be visible the whole time.

Have fun with Snapchat, play around with it. Ask your mates for help or ask your younger brother or sister (they know everything about Snapchat). If you are struggling with what to post then don’t post unless you have something amusing or interesting to post. Be yourself but your best self and be that guy that she wants to find out more about and get to know better. By following these Snapchat dating tips, she will be eagerly anticipating your next snap.

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