How to Stay Safe and Not Get Hacked on a Dating Site

scared woman with laptop

Use a Strong and Smart Password

Ensuring to have a strong and most importantly memorable password is key. Passwords should not be hard to guess and not something typical like ABC123, so when creating a password make sure it is something that only you would know about. For example strong and hard to hack passwords contain a combination of numbers and letters and some characters which would be very hard for other people to guess off the top of their head. By using passwords such as your pet names or your birthday can be very easy for other people to guess and therefore putting you more at risk of getting hacked. To avoid the obvious and ensure privacy with a strong password to reduce getting your account hacked online. It is notable that not using the same password twice can help reduce your chance of being hacked or even simply changing your password regularly can ensure more privacy and put you at less potential risk.

Try to Put Minimal Information About Yourself on Your Profile

Sometimes it can be difficult not to write out your whole life story online for others to get a better understanding of who you are. However when using a dating site only put information out online that puts you less at risk of people taking your identity and potential hacking all your online accounts. It’s really important to exercise some self-control and put the basic information about yourself out there, for example, your name, email, gender and hobbies. Many online sites today do ask if you wish to connect with Facebook or any other form of social media. Depending if you are the type of person not to mind other people seeing who you exactly are and all about you, it’s important to read the small print and understand first before clicking agree with anything you are unsure about. So make sure to be careful how much information you put up about yourself, to enjoy maximum use of the online dating site but with caution and safety.

Use a Personal and Distinctive Email

Try to avoid using email addresses such as for your work or even simply your personal one. By setting up a fresh and new email address, means there is less chance of it being tracked back to anything to do with your work or personal life and allows you to retain privacy. With many users using online dating sites, it is important to remain safe and connect with people, but using an email which can contain your name but essentially ideal for it not to be your full name. As this could be putting you at more potential risk of people searching you up on social media easier and gaining details which should remain private but putting you more at risk of getting hacked.

Avoid Sharing your Location

Whether you are looking for a local hottie or a sexy single further away from you, it’s really important to consider first of all if you wish to share your location details. As many dating sites today enable other people to see your location, which can put you at much more risk to other people finding your location, therefore, making your privacy not such much private. So ensure to do research on the app before you sign up. As, if you are looking for a dating app that doesn’t display your location of how far away you are from other singles or tracks your every movement, be sure to choose an app that doesn’t display this and contains your privacy.

Always Log On and Log Off

It can be so easy for other people to use your account if you do not log off every time you use your account. Whether it’s on a public computer or shared laptops among friends, if you haven’t logged off you are at more of a potential risk of being hacked. So take time to remember to log off and log on safely with nobody watching you enter your password, as it is one of the most common ways in which people get their information taken without even realising.

Avoid Clicking on Too Good to be True Adverts

Essentially it’s important to just simply use your common sense, if you see an advert with amazing things to offer or quick ways in meeting other singles fast then its most definitely going to be a scam and your information could potentially be taken. So before clicking on anything, look for information or small print to state it is legit or simply don’t click on it. With many men and women using online dating sites, it is important not to miss out and get connecting with those around you. So try to avoid clicking on links, adverts or even suspicious messages so you can enjoy more, finding a potential partner.

Using Images Displays Who You Are

Even though it’s obvious that an image identifies you, it’s important to consider whether when using dating sites if you wish for other people to see who you are and what you look like. As something so simple like a photo can reveal instantly exactly who you are, even though the whole point of a dating site is to attract potential partners an image is a big part of that. But if you do not wish for certain people to see yourself such as work colleagues or past partners then think twice before putting up an image, as essentially once it is posted it is always out there, even putting you at more risk of your identity getting taken from something as simple as a selfie.

Don’t Click on Emails you don’t recognise

Many dating sites do require for you to set up a profile by using your email address as the main login. However by putting your email in you automatically become exposed to many emails filling your inbox with new potential partners or new ways in which to talk to other singles such as chat rooms. However, sometimes an email may appear in your inbox that you don’t recognise but claims to have come from the dating site. The most important thing to remember and do, if the email doesn’t look or seem right do not click on it. This is a well known and easy way for hackers to get your information, as once you’ve opened the email and either clicked on a link or piece of information they can easily take your information. So be sure to avoid this and if unsure delete the email.

Don’t Download Dating Apps from Unknown Sites

Although some dating apps may seem like the best one out there with the most success rate and largest amount of singles using it, it could be putting you at more of a risk in your information getting hacked. Always download a dating app from a secure and trusted network. Make sure to read reviews about it and how many other people have stated that it is good and trustworthy dating site, otherwise it could be an awful mistake with hackers quick and easily taking your details. It is essential to do your research on any potential app you may want to download so you can ensure to connect with other singles at ease.

Try to Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Even if you are the type of person to be running around all the time, using dating apps on the go makes your dating life much easier. However, it is important to consider what network you are using when connecting with other singles. This is important, as public Wi-Fi is a well-known way for many hackers to access your information without you even knowing. Public Wi-Fi is essentially an open network for the public to use, and it could be unfortunate for you to use it the same time a hacker is looking for information to take. So if possible try to stick to your own home secure Wi-Fi or even mobile data.

Why does this all matter?

Many romantic and long-term potential relationships should be built upon trust by sharing private messages and feelings between each other. However with the conversations that are shared daily we essentially make ourselves more open and vulnerable by discussing certain aspects of our lives, that if it was to be shared it may become an issue. This type of information is what hackers specifically look for to either use for blackmail or use it for another type of profile that they can, therefore, catch other people out with too. Certain valuable information could also be used to guess passwords and essential details that should not be leaked. So ensure when choosing a dating app, password, and email that they in no way are untrustworthy and legit with recommendations from other users.