Is The Graph Search Function on Facebook an Online Dating Game Changer?

part the facebook interface

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Graph Search gives the dedicate Facebookers the ability to sort through their friend’s profile through a variety of ways. You can filter them through their likes, their photos, and even places they’ve checked in. You can also search dates through specific information like music, pop culture, restaurants, and vacations.

Graph Search also gives you the ability to search for people by their relationship status, thus turning the website into a dating site also. Think about it… You can search essentially search for the guy of your dreams when you search for “guy who attends SUNY and loves Japanese RPGs.”

The function can also be a useful date planner, as it can let you browse restaurants, bars, museums, or any other cool place your friends may have checked in at. The beauty of Graph Search is that you can get incredibly specific with your search and get great results. For example, Zuckerberg revealed that he and wife, Priscilla Chan, used Graph to find “Indian restaurants in Palo Alto that friends from India have gone to.”

Not convinced that Graph Search could be a game changer? Here are five ways to use Graph Search.

  1. See Who is Single and Like You

As we mentioned before, with the Graph Search function, you can look through the members on Facebook when you search by relationship status. From there, you can hone in on eligible singles who share your love for cosplay, sports, cats, playing pranks or anything else you can think of.

  1. Meet Friends of Your Friends

Meeting people through your friends is one of the most common way couples will meet. This search function can combine this with online dating. Graph Search essentially turns your friend’s list into your own personal online dating site.

  1. Meet New People

If you are already friends with your friends’ friends, you can use Graph Search to meet completely new people. This will allow you to search for new people who live within a particular radius who share similar interests with you. Should you find someone you may be interested in, you can always poke them or be bold and send them a message.

  1. Stalk the Ex

There has been a point in time we all wonder what our ex is up to. With Graph Search, you can purposefully search out your exes and see what they’ve been up to. It’s actually kind of scary to see that even if you search for something mundane like where the best place to get a burger near your city, it could lead back to the ex.

  1. Others Can Stalk You

Just like you can stalk your ex, Graph Search will let other people stalk you. This means that when you go on a date with someone and they give you the creeps, they can go home, find out your favorite places to go, and show up in the hopes of running into you.