5 Things You Can Do Right NOW to Look More Attractive in Your Pictures

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If you’ve been dating online for a while now, you’re probably well aware that your profile picture is one of the most important (if not the most important) part of your dating profile.

After all, it is the first thing potential suitors see when they are looking through their own personal match list. What you may not know is just how critical a good picture is to your profile.

According to a recent research conducted by a few popular dating websites, the content that you write on your profile only accounts for less than 10% of what people will think of you. Which means that there is so much weight placed on your profile picture, it may as well just be your picture and name (not really, but you get the idea). With that being said, we are going to share with you some tips from a professional photographer on creating an online dating profile picture that is going to help you stand out from the masses and go on more dates.

1. Create the right mood.

When we are creating our profiles, some of us just pull out our smartphones and take a quick picture. It’s quick, simple, and you think that it is more intimate than anything else. This isn’t the case, especially if you are someone who has a penchant for taking selfies in the bathroom.

Instead of taking the picture of yourself, ask one of your friends or someone whose judgment you trust, to follow you around and take candid pictures of yourself. The mood you are trying to create is that you’re fun, carefree like to laugh, and you are someone that people want to get to know.

2. Get ready for your close up, Mr. Deville.

There are usually a few things about our appearance that makes us shy away from the camera when it comes to photo time. You can avoid the look of double chins or unflattering bulges in your pictures by finding your most flattering angle. This angle tends to be slightly above you with your torso positioned where one shoulder is toward the camera and the other is pointed away. Guys, if you aren’t as muscular as you’d like, you’re going to want to try a different pose.

Instead of turning to the side from an angle, stand straight on facing toward the camera at eye level. This will make you look buffer and more broad.

3. Embrace colors.

Colors are one of the easiest ways to draw the eye. If you truly want your picture to jump out from the crowd, wear a bright color, even if it is something simple like a bright tie or a flower in your hair. You can go one step further by wearing something red in your photograph. There has been extensive research conducted on color theory and how certain colors cause reactions in people. Time and time again, the color red has proven to elicit much more positive responses from singles and it creates interest that otherwise may not be there.

4. Make your background work for you.

Sometimes people are just uncomfortable with bright or bold colors, which is fine. You want to make your profile picture represent you as closely as possible, so if this means no color, so be it. You can, however, make your background work in your favor. For example, if you visit a flower garden, you could pose in front of a beautiful flower garden where the flowers are vibrant and the sun is high above. Or you could go to find other colorful places, such as flea markets, in front of street art installations, trendy shops, or even in front of an ice cream truck. When you open yourself up to the idea of being creative and finding some kind of unique background, you’d be surprised by what you may come up with.

5. Let your personality shine.

Letting your personality shine through the photograph is one of the hardest things to accomplish, but when you can masterfully achieve this, you’ll find a significant increase in how many hits your dating profile will get. You can easily do this by simply wearing your everyday clothes. If you’ve got a quirky sense of style, you will want to wear your best (but most interesting) outfit. If you tend to wear fun hats, go for it (just make sure your face is visible). You can also use a variety of props that exemplify the important things in your life — your bike, books, a bunch of comics, whatever the case may be.