How to Flirt Successfully With a Girl Over Text


When it comes to how we communicate day to day, calling is low on our preferred list of options, and when’s the last time you just “bumped into” the girl of your dreams? However, you can text someone during a one-minute break at work and savor their reply while working out what to say next, without having to take a pause from what you’re doing.

Texting is also perfect for building up tension, as people are eager for the next text. It’s not as direct as talking over the phone – and that works in your favor.

So how can you use texting to make you a flirt champion? Let’s learn some exclusive and 150% efficient techniques for flirting with a girl over text.

The Basics to Successful Flirting – and How Texting Enhances Them


– You have time to choose the proper wording for your ‘suggestions.’

Being “suggestive” has a bad ring to it, but let’s not forget what innuendos really are; they’re implying something, allowing your imagination to take the intrigue and run with it. So when you’re flirting over text, don’t say exactly what you mean. For example, talking about wanting to taste something on your lips will make a girl think about your lips, and then consider kissing them. Without you ever mentioning the word ‘kiss!’ That kind of charm separates the boys from the men.

– Timing is on your side with texting.

Texting is perfect for cute good morning and good night messages. After all, it makes your day hearing from someone charming just as you wake up or are about to fall asleep. You don’t have to be there (that’d be weird), but you can still make that impression.

Remember though: When flirting with a woman, you need to reply to texts within a decent amount of time, but don’t throw yourself on the phone to answer every text straight away. There’s nothing more attractive than happiness and leading a life you love, so if you answer every text as soon as you receive it, it will appear as if you have no life.

If someone asks you about making it to the 7 PM screening tonight as they’re booking tickets, it’s not sexy to wait an hour to reply. You shouldn’t drop everything at work or when out with friends to reply to a text, but reply straight away once you’re having a proper text conversation with someone. Otherwise, they’ll just get annoyed with you. Not sexy.

– Texting lets you add more charm to your voice.

Flirting also means teasing and challenging. When someone asks you out for a date, you can tell them you’ll definitively be there, but only if they come up with an exciting enough date. If you just hand yourself over without challenging them, you’ll appear to be easier to get to and unattractive. People want to know you won’t just date anyone – that you have standards, and that you will check the standards of those you date.

But when you make that offer, you might not say it with the right balance of confidence and teasing; in texting, a winking emoji does it for you.

– Texting lets you skip the small talk.

Wanting to find out about someone is also sexy, so when texting, don’t just stick to the trivial stuff. As the conversation moves forward, play games getting to know each other. Women can tell you anything, but the truth is, they adore flirting and love games. Be sure: if she likes you, she’ll tease you. They love to shock men with their tricks, so be ready to tease her in response. It’ll spur her interest.

Quick Things Your Texting Needs to “Wow” a Gorgeous Woman:


1. No boring and predictable texts. Come on, you’re not the only guy flirt-texting her right now. So if you want to succeed, use a little of your imagination to stand out from the crowd. The worst crime you can commit on a dating site is to flirt text something like, “Hey :-)” or “How is your day going?” Think up something original or else get a boring, unoriginal answer. Ask a question that leaves her no chance of ignoring you. It can be a compliment or a provocative line; any piece of flirting text that makes her want to react.

2. Start getting personal. Messaging on an internet site can sometimes get a little impersonal, so your main goal is to turn it back as fast as it’s possible.

Call her by name in messages – it’s nice, pleasant and intimate. Most of the girls become absolutely thrilled when seeing their name in a message, so make this simple tool work for you. Don’t you know her name? Well, think up a nickname connected with something in your communication. That will always remind her that you have something in common, whether it’s a story or just an inside joke.

3. Don’t be greedy in your compliments. Be nice and talk about her good points, because everyone likes to feel special and appreciated. You can go with some classic flirty texts for her like “Oh, you look so fabulous in that pic,” or try something more exotic; either way, your compliments should be genuine. Girls can recognize a fake in a blink of an eye.

4. Add some mystery. Don’t over-communicate; save some secrets for dessert. Writing a few chapters as an answer for her question, “How r u?” is definitely a bad idea. The more the girl will be intrigued by you, the longer your flirty texting games will last. No one shows his cards at the beginning of the game, and the same goes for flirting.

5. Tease her. If you need to add some intimacy to your conversation without going too serious, teasing is a must. A good example is a cute or fun nickname you gave her, or some phrases that remind her of the positive emotions she got communicating with you earlier. Be careful though, and don’t cross the line when flirting through text. Your teasing shouldn’t be mean or offensive in any way.

Apply these tips to make yourself a text flirting champion, and tell us in the comments section how it goes! Perhaps you have your own tricks of how to flirt over text with a girl? Share them! It might even make it into the next article.