6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trying a Selfie Dating App

girl makes selfie

The way singles are going out there and hoping to find a love match has changed a lot since technology has stepped in. At one time, we wouldn’t even think of going outside of our friends and family to help us find love. Newspapers featured personal ads at one time, and if you told someone that you met your significant other through such ad, you were met with an awkward look that didn’t feel so great.

Today, more and more people are turning to online dating websites in an effort to find their true love. After all, it sounds like a perfect thing to do because there are so many people in the world, there is no way you can possibly meet “the one” just going out to the bar one or two nights a week. Online daters want results and they want them now.

However, what would you said if we told you that according to Venture Beat, one in every 10 dating profiles are fake? When you think about online dating, your chances of finding love drops by 10%. Albeit that isn’t a lot, it is still something to take into consideration.

Well, what if we told you that you could avoid falling for one of the profiles that fall into the 10%? We’ve compiled a list of 6 reasons why you may want to download that latest selfie dating app onto your phone and start using that in conjunction with your beloved membership to some online dating website.

1. You get to see what they actually look like.
You know how we said 1 in every 10 profiles are a fake? With a selfie dating app, you get to know exactly who is behind the profile that you’re interested in. On the app, you will connect to others via their profiles. Simple enough right? The real magic comes when you make a match by sending them a freshly taken selfie. The match is only made and communication can begin when the other person takes a selfie as well. This greatly reduces the chances of being catfished.

2. Matches but no communication begins?
Have you ever found that on a dating website, you are quickly getting matches, but no one ever initiates communication? One selfie dating app, Blume, makes you invest in your match in order to start a conversation.

3. Suffer from too many matches.
Dating apps are created so that people can meet new folks via matches and then you can begin the communication process. It is the belief that the more matches someone gets, the better social stimuli you get. However, if you get too many matches, you are overwhelmed by the stimulus and the experience is nowhere as fun as it once was. With a selfie dating app, you can lessen the number of matches you talk to by not sending a return selfie. How is this effective? The only time a match is truly made is if you send a selfie in response. By doing this, you are choosing exactly who you talk to and who you bypass, thus allowing you to focus on a few rather than the many.

4. You get bored of the traditional dating apps.
A selfie app is unlike the traditional dating apps because you aren’t finding matches solely based on a profile. The profile may be one of the least likely ways to see someone’s personality. With selfies, you get a chance to see their surroundings, their sense of style, what they really look like, and a bit of their personality. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

5. Maintain a level of privacy.
Although you may be using your smartphone to talk to someone and they are on the internet, selfie dating apps have a feature that if you take a screenshot, you will automatically get banned. So this means you cannot take a screenshot of a half-naked guy you just met and show your friends, because by doing so, you’ll find yourself banned.

6. You are looking to meet real people.
Selfie dating apps give you the opportunity to see the real person that you’re talking to. You never have to worry about being surprised by someone’s appearance when you agree to meet up. Why? Because that selfie is required upon initiating a conversation, remember?