12 Things Every Woman Thinks When Their Online Date Is Late To Meet

woman with book drinks coffee

We all know that agreeing to meet up to go on a date with someone for the first time is nerve-wracking enough; however when you are meeting an online date for the first time, and they are late?

Oh, it is almost too much to bear! You start running through a slew of possible scenarios in your head that will have your brain going a mile a minute, making the whole situation worse.

Here are 12 things that might run through your mind while you’re waiting for your online date to show up:

1. I’m here! I made it right on time! I rock!

This is the first thought that comes to your mind once you pull into the meeting place’s parking lot. Here you’re checking your make-up and making sure that you look great. When you get out of the car or look around the parking lot and notice that he’s not there…? Cue the second thought!

2. Wait, where is my date?

He said he’d be here wearing [XYZ]. Am I in the right place? You look around the parking lot for any sign of him. When you don’t see him, you decide to go up to the door thinking he might be waiting for you there. When you don’t see him, you reach for your phone to let him know you’ve arrived.

3. It’s been 15 minutes since the text, and they’ve yet to respond.

Did they see something questionable while searching my social media accounts? Let’s face it, we all scope out social
media for more information about our online dates. Hopefully, he understands that those poetic verses about life and love aren’t a direct reflection of your personal beliefs.

4. Is it cool if I get a drink while I’m waiting?

Your nerves are going haywire, and you need something to calm you down. You don’t intend on getting sloshed, but you need something to take the edge off. Is this proper etiquette??

5. Screw it, I’m getting one.

At this point, you don’t care whether it is rude or not to have a slight buzz going on. If you’re going to be stood up (which you feel like you are), you may as well be slightly relaxed, so you don’t go off on him via Twitter.

6. May as well check my messages on the dating site while I’m waiting.

Just because you are going out with this person that you’ve met online doesn’t mean that you couldn’t talk to other singles. Plus, if you’re being stood up, maybe you can salvage the night with someone else!

7. Since they are 30 minutes late, it’s well within reason to send another text message.

If this guy is going to stand you up, he could at least have the decency to tell you! You have eight more episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix to catch and would much rather be home doing that than looking like a sad sack at this restaurant.

8. Is it that noticeable that I’m getting stood up?

Am I checking my phone too much? Oh God, this is humiliating. This guy hasn’t answered still, and I’m starting to feel like my self-confidence is dwindling at a rapid pace. Maybe I could pretend that I am talking about my so-called date and giving off the impression that I understand he is running late, and I’m not just sitting here looking fine as hell for my health.

9. No, no, no. That is too much.

I am a grown woman who can sit at the bar sipping on her wine and enjoying the atmosphere like anyone else. I can do this! You resolve to put your phone in your bag for some time while you finish your glass of wine. You’re going to listen to the music, chat with the bartender for a few minutes, and stay perfectly calm. Just pretend this is back before texting was a thing and you had to wait for real.

10. Nope, can’t do it. Where is this guy? Forget this.

You know texting is a thing and each time you check your phone, you are reminded that it is not getting any love—not by him or anyone else for that matter.

11. Hey! There’s someone who fits his description, is that him?

I thought he was going to wear a blue blazer, not a white polo… Maybe he forgot? You notice a guy in the distance walking through the door. He looks vaguely like the picture of your date, but he isn’t wearing the identifiable garment that he said he’d wear so you knew it was him. You make hard eye contact, hoping he sees you and comes your way.

12. No wonder that woman gave me an odd look when I was shooting her date daggers.

It was not him. Well damn. I wasted a perfectly hot outfit on someone who couldn’t appreciate it or me. Oh well. His loss. OITNB here I come!