Five Crazy (But Fun) Ways to Meet People, Even if You Hate Online Dating


As great as online dating can be, it just isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like the idea of having your information and picture so out there without knowing if you are ever going to find a match or if you are going to become some object of some creepy person’s obsession. Be that as it may, there are still plenty of ways that you can meet new people without putting yourself out there in such a way. Here are some fantastically crazy ways you can get out there and find someone you want to spend quality time with.

Social Skydiving

This is totally a thing and if you are a thrill seeker, you will definitely want to check it out, but it isn’t like you are jumping out of a real plane. Social skydiving sounds a lot like what it feels like — you are finding a situation where you can jump right in without thinking about what you are doing. Pickup artists enjoy this kind of interaction and some even say you ought to start an interaction within the first few seconds of seeing them determine if they appealing to you.

The beauty of this sort of interaction is that it is organic, meaning there is no use of technology whatsoever. You don’t have to rely on an app or a website to keep in touch, it is all right there in real time, face to face.

Falling in Love on the First Date

Okay, so this may sound a little bit crazy, but why not? Here, you want to find a complete stranger (any random person will do), and ask to spend an hour or two together. This could mean sharing a meal and going for a walk together, enjoying a stroll through the park, or just sitting there on the plane. You will be looking to see if you can forge a deeper connection and learn that maybe love is right there in front of you.

Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but it works. Even if you don’t find the love of your life, at least you’ll have something to talk about at your next dinner party.

Volunteer to Work as a Greeter

Look at your town and find a large business if you could volunteer at the information booth for the day.

This could also work at any fair or festival, school function, or things like that. You can do this anywhere in the world and you will almost instantly start meeting people. All you need it to offer a genuine smile and be willing to say hello. You’ll be surprised by how warmly people will come up to you looking for some information, advice, or help.

For those who are a little more adventurous, you can try this approach in your personal life. Go out and find a nice coffee shop that is warm and inviting. Introduce to your baristas and tell them that you’re conducting a social experiment and want to greet their customers as they come in. You might be amazed by how this small gesture will make anyone cheer up.

Write a Love Letter to Strangers

Now here is an odd one but it can be so heartwarming. Be warned, you may not want to do it with a group of people, as they tend to get a little weirded out.

Then go to your local bar or coffee shop and write a letter to yourself. In this letter, you are going to write a very generalized letter saying how great you are, but you aren’t going to personalize it. Then fold it into a bag and start another. Continue doing this for every person in the room. Then when you’re all finished writing — pass out the letters and say something simple like “This is a love letter from a stranger, would you like it?” People almost always say yes.

People who have done this say that even if they don’t get a date, they do meet some interesting people and they also find that the right letter always ends up to the person who needs it the most.