How to Boost Your Opportunities of Finding a Date Online

woman working with laptop

Online dating has been around for a while now. Long enough for it to become immensely popular and for people to find out what works and what doesn’t. Below you find five tips to take online dating to the next level.

Include Photos

Online dating profiles with photos always have a higher success rate. People want to know if they are physically attracted to someone. They also want to know that the person is confident enough to show their face on an online dating site – i.e. not worrying about what others think of them.

On that note: lines like “we can lie about where we met” don’t go down well either. Why aren’t you proud of your life as it is?

Avoid Bathroom Selfies

No, it’s not attractive to see you standing posing in the bathroom mirror. Also, whilst a selfie or two can be nice, having only selfies indicate you have no social life as no one else has been taking photos of you.

Choose Honest Photos and an Honest Profile

Choose photos where you look like yourself. Include a couple of different shots in different situations – social settings, professional close ups of your face, doing things you love and so on. Avoid photos where you look downright awful (the camera catches moments no one sees in real life as we don’t freeze in time when people are looking at us) and too much photoshopping/editing.

Show off, just be sure to be honest about it. No one wants to meet someone they can’t recognize from the photos. Nor do they want to meet a lie so be honest about what you say in the profile too. Make them interested in who you are, not in who you are not. It will only disappoint them when they meet you if you do.

Cliché Statements Won’t Get You Anywhere

“I like staying home on a Friday night, but I also like going out to explore the nightlife.” Ever heard that before? Sure you have, because it applies to a high percentage of the population.

If you are to make a statement, make it interesting: “I like a good balance in my life. That means I love cuddling in the couch on a Friday night, watching Netflix and sharing a bottle of wine and a good meal after a long, hectic, week. Other times, when I have more energy, I am up for exploring the city – be it culinary finds, the bar scene, or a good dance joint. I’m into salsa clubs (and Mexican food!).

A good night of dancing always raises my spirits.” You just said the same thing, but you added the details that make you unique.

Be sure to share things that show off your passions and what makes you the happiest in life. People like passion.

State the Positive

Always state what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want.

People like optimism and a positive outlook. “I don’t want to date cheaters” (who does?) is the same as saying “I would love to meet someone honest. I have very little patience with pretense and I expect the same in a partner. I find you build the best relationships that way.”

Another example would be “I don’t like couch potatoes” compared to “I love staying fit myself and therefore would love to date someone who cares about fitness. I find that a healthy mind in a healthy body is an unbeatable combination.”

Likewise, moaning about past exes is a no-no. You are looking for something positive and you are moving forward.