How to Create a Good Username for a Dating Site


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re creating your dating profile and it can seem overwhelming. Many people may not consider their username to be a massive part of creating a profile, but it can tell other singles about your personality. Furthermore, if you have a funny or intriguing username it can attract singles to your profile and makes a great conversation starter to break the ice. We’ll provide you with a few examples and some tips and tricks to help you create the best username and attract the finest people who are compatible with you.

Dating Site Username Ideas

A lot of the time, finding something personal that relates to your life is a great way to start creating a great username. Before trying to find a generic name or using generators you can try to think of aspects of your life that may fit into a username, such as:


If someone is passionate about a hobby, then they will want to click on a profile with a username that alludes to that hobby. Even if it is someone famous in that field too, many singles may simply connect with you because they know you share their passions.


If you love a book, film, enjoy art or anything similar then that is a great thing to put into your profile username. For example, if you love Lord of the Rings and put that into your username, you may end-up talking to some amazing singles about your interests and be able pursue a genuine relationship.

Flirty usernames

If you want to inject some fun and start getting flirty early on. You must be careful with flirty usernames as it can come off as creepy. However, if you keep it light and funny, then it can really help you strike up conversation with someone online.


If you had a funny or intriguing nickname at school or college, then you can use that as part of your username. It creates an interesting story when you’re talking to singles and is more likely to be unique, so you’ll be set apart from other members online.

Best Usernames for Dating Sites

Finding the best usernames are something you should focus on less because as long as you’re not choosing particularly awful usernames you can work on something better to attract singles. When you’re creating your username, you want to avoid:

  • – Openly Sexual Usernames
  • – Typical ‘Bro’ or ‘Basic’ Usernames
  • – Cheesy Usernames
  • – Bland Usernames Simply Using Random Letters and Numbers
  • – Generic Usernames

You want to find something that makes you stand out and reveals something about you. Typically, sexual and ‘Bro’ type usernames only turn off girls and if you’re creating a username like that as a woman, you’re only going to be attracting a certain type of guy. If you view your username as an extension of your profile, then you’ll think carefully about your username and what you want singles to know about you when they’re looking at your information online.

Catchy Profile Names

The key to creating a catchy profile username is being able to take a typical trope or something memorable and make it your own. It’s no use using something that has become a generic username as you won’t get the same kinds of responses. You need to be able to choose something and spin it in your own way to be able to attract the kinds of singles you want. Things to think about include:

  • – Plays on typical romantic tropes
  • – Puns and a play on words
  • – Weaving your name into your username
  • – Avoiding numbers
  • – Needs to have positive associations
  • – Weave in positive character traits

name means it must be personal to you. If you can also spend some time thinking about it before you create your profile too, then you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

You could be the perfect person for someone, but they may never know that if they don’t click on your profile. There tends to be so many profiles available that you need to be able to stand out to ensure that singles are looking at you. Its much harder if you’re a guy as women are less likely to click on a profile just because they’re purely attracted to you.

Presenting yourself positively and using methods to intrigue singles can help you appeal to other members and give you enough time to connect with people. Try out a few names and don’t worry about finding the perfect fit instantly.