What to Text When a Guy Cancels a Date?


Awesome Responses to a Cancelled Date By Text

With the internet, dating methods have taken a drastic turn. You can now arrange a date online. While many of us are outgoing and friendly, some people are scared of dates. Others simply do not prioritize your date over other things. Or there might be a genuine reason to have the date some other time.

Whatever the ground for cancellation is, there is a proper way of bailing out of date. Texting doesn't seem right. But it feels like an easy way to avoid any further conversation. We will help you with the best ways to respond when a guy cancels a date on a text.

When a Guy Cancels a Date: Reasons and Reaction

There are various genuine reasons that a guy may say when canceling the date. But you have to make it clear to him that you are not to be messed around with. Especially when a guy cancels the date again and again, it could be a good sign that he is not the one for you.

Whenever he cancels the date, give him some time to explain himself. It is important to show him that you are not cool with cancellations, but you are willing to excuse this time. Here are a few situations due to which dates get could be canceled:


Work is a primary reason that guys use to cancel their dates. It might be an important meeting or extra hours given by the boss. That might be a genuine reason or an excuse to avoid a date. If you are a work colleague, it won’t be easy to lie to you.

Most of the time, you are not a part of their work environment, and you cannot understand his situation. There are certain professions like doctors and lawyers, where the working hours are unpredictable. They are quite demanding too.

Example: A guy canceled his date by sending this text, “I am sorry, but I can’t make it because I have an important meeting. I still want to get together. How does Friday or Saturday sound to you?” They met online over an online dating app. That day was supposed to be their first day. The guy was the manager of a store, and the girl was interning at a law firm.

Well, the text is a sweet one. It shows that the guy still wants to get back together and has consideration for her. But come to think about the ‘emergency meeting’, why are store managers having emergency meetings. Usually, such meetings must be preplanned. The guy got a text where she wrote, “Oh, I hope your meeting goes well. Well, for the other days, I will let you know. I am not sure”. That clearly states that the girl is now having second thoughts.

Advice: In general, you must consider the profession they are in and base your text on it. Also, your text will show what you want him to feel. If it is important and unavoidable, you can simply respond with the following:

  • “I understand. When can we reschedule our date? Can’t wait!”
  • “Hey! It is fine. Your work is important. We will meet next week?”

In case you think that the guy is just stalling, here are a few optional responses:

  • “Thanks for letting me know.”
  • “Ok! I hope I will be free when you are free.”
  • “You should try to come up with a better excuse”

What do you say to the guy who just cancels without rescheduling? Here are a few good responses:

  • “Ok, sure! When can we meet next?”
  • “Am I special, or you forget to reschedule for all your dates?”
  • “You are indebted to me. Just a date!”


Well, nobody can predict when a person becomes sick suddenly. There are nor pre-planned rules laid out for diseases. It might be genuine or the best excuse that the guy is using to bail out of the date. It is not easy to know whether the person is telling the truth or not on a text or call, especially when you have just met this person. Therefore, hear them out before you are ready to lash out.

Example: Recently, a girl posted about her online relationship about how the guy canceled their date because he was sick. Their first date was in a romantic ambiance with good food. Everything was perfect. She made a move for a second date, and he agreed. But he bailed a day before because he caught a cold, and he didn’t want her to see him like this. She was very sad because she prepared a beautiful outfit and picked the best restaurant in the neighborhood. The guy wrote to her, “Hey! I am sorry, but I have to cancel this date. I have got the flu. Raincheck?” It is a meaningful and long message with some thought put to it. She responded, “It is ok. Your health is important. Let me know if you need my help.”

Advice: It is not the top reason people use to cancel dates. But illness can happen any day and anytime. Here are a few responses you must give:

  • “Oh! I am sorry. I hope you will be better soon.” You can say this when you think he is actually ill and feel sorry that he feels like this.
  • “I hope you are not saying this to avoid our date”. Use this when you think the guy is just making an excuse to run away from the date. Sometimes, they are just nervous and don’t know what to say to impress you. In that case, just make sure, you are approachable.
  • “Take care! Don’t worry!”. It is a short and sweet message for a guy who gave the reason for sickness. This is also a message for people for whom you don’t want to think about whether it is true or not.

Family Issues

Sometimes, there are some unspoken issues that a guy can’t talk to you about. In such cases, they might cancel, saying there are some family issues. It is difficult to predict the truth, but hopefully, he will not to use false issues to bail. There is nothing much you can do except accept his cancellation reasons and believing him.

Example: Recently, Alex had to undergo a terrible divorce between his parents. Although he is an adult, it is always difficult to see your loved ones fight and separate. There was a major fight on the day of the date that he had been planning with a girl whom he met at his work. He liked her but wasn’t sure whether she had the same feelings for him or not. After talking, texting, and flirting for about a month, he finally asked her out on a date.

But just when he was getting ready for the date, he got a call from his parents that they needed to talk. That is when he learned about their divorce. He was shattered, but he could not break this news to her and wrote, “I am sorry! Something came up with my family. Rain check?” His eyes were teary, and his heart was broken, but this message doesn’t show any of it. She replied, “Don’t even think about another date”. That was the end of Alex’s love story.

Advice: From the above example, it is clear that all families are not stable and normal. There are issues that people have to deal with that you don’t know about. The text message doesn’t sound so much, but he cannot simply tell you everything. Here are some ideal responses:

  • “Okay. Is everything alright? If you want to talk, I am here.”
  • “Is it something to worry about? You wanna talk about it”
  • “Don’t worry. When will you be free? You owe me one”

Being Honest

Some guys are bluntly honest. On the one hand it isn't nice but it is good in the long run. You don’t have to think a lot about them when they say something. You will know that he is many things but not a liar. So, he might cancel, saying he is not comfortable because he doesn’t know you enough. Or he might cancel the second date because he just didn’t like you. Ouch!

Example: It was a blind date for two people. The girl was totally in for it, but the guy is shy. He likes to know and understand people first. So after being persuaded by his friends, he agreed to go on that blind date. But later, he couldn’t do it. He just texted her, saying, “I am not comfortable going on blind dates. It was because of my friends that I agreed. But I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position too”. It is sweet that he is thinking about her while canceling the date with honesty.

Advice: It is hard to accept the truth. But it must have been hard for the guy to come up with nothing but the truth. All you do is thank him for his honesty and move. Here are a few responses:

  • “It is fine. But you shouldn't have agreed from the beginning.”
  • “Oh! Okay. I am thankful for your honesty.”
  • “You should not listen to anyone else but yourself”

What to Do When Your Date Was Cancelled Last Minute

Canceling the date last minute is the worst thing that guys do. It might help if he reschedules but it is still rude. Make sure your response to the guy explains your real emotion and reaction subtly..

If you feel the excuse wasn’t good enough, it is better not to move forward with the relationship. He might do it again, and your emotions will remain bottled inside. But if you think that the reason he gave is genuine, you should give him a chance. You might come across a similar situation too. Make sure your time invested does not go waste on someone insensitive towards your feelings.

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