Is It Ok to Have an Online Affair?

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We live in a world where we are all fully connected. We all interact with social media, send messages by email and use chat rooms.

While this all might seem like harmless fun, there is a whole world out there that encourages people and shows people how to have an affair online. However, there is still an element of doubt as to whether an online affair is legitimate or even real? More people are now choosing to have affairs through apps as opposed to doing it in person. In fact, many people actually feel as though they would prefer to have an online affair and never meet in person. What might seem more alarming is that some people do not actually see an online affair as infidelity.

So, it is ok to have an online affair?

Is it true that people want an online partner that they never meet?

For many, the real world and the cyber world are two completely different entities. Meeting people in real life can prove difficult, especially if you are married and have certain urges. If you ever did decide to meet someone in person and you are already married, this would more than likely be classed as cheating or having an affair.

However, in contrast to this, it seems as though many believe that chatting online with someone you either know or don’t know is not seen as having an affair. Despite this, there have to be boundaries, so where do the lie? When are they crossed?

The online world allows people to feed their desires and intrigue in ways that have never been seen before. People are now joining dating sites with no intention of meeting someone in person. All they want is a virtual encounter that does not become physical in any way. To some, this might seem harmless but to others, it could be seen as having an online affair.

Isn’t chatting online cheating?

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This is where things become difficult to determine because this is a very murky area. Is it ok to start chatting online with someone you have never met before, allowing it to flourish into a full-blown online friendship? Is it ok to exchange photos and engage in x-rated conversations without actually doing anything physical with each other?

Perhaps chatting online is just a bit of harmless fun to the person who is doing it, but what about the other person in the relationship who has no idea what their partner is getting up to? There is no doubt that the other individual would see this as a cyber affair, after all, their partner is doing it behind their back and engaging in flirty, sexual conversations. These are perhaps not harmless conversations, perhaps people are engaging in these virtual encounters as a way of keeping their options open. What constitutes an affair online could be open to interpretation but as with most things that happen online, there is a lot more to it than that.

There are some who believe that having an online affair is nothing more than high-tech flirting that offers them nothing more than an erotic novel. It engages the imagination, heightens emotions and could be seen to enhance the real-life relationships of the people who are carrying out these cyber affairs.

There are always feelings involved

The internet has completely blurred the lines between what is right and what is wrong. When that line in the sand between fidelity and infidelity get washed away, what does it all mean? Ultimately, it means that there are always feelings involved and whether it is right or wrong, someone will get hurt.

Having an online affair can leave the other partner devastated but has the partner who is engaging in opposite-sex chat considered how they would feel if things were the other way around? In this instance, honesty is often the best course of action because one person might be happy for their partner to chat online, as long as they are allowed to do the same.

Online Affairs and Virtual Cheating – What does the Future Hold?

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Having an online affair is still very much a taboo subject but as we become even more connected than ever before, then the future still looks as though it could be troubled. The services are becoming even more accessible and people are actively encouraged to use them. So why would someone who has tried having internet affairs be put off from having an online affair in the future?

The secrecy around it all is what makes it so hard to detect, especially when you think that we have our smartphones and tablets close to hand to use. It is no longer a case of being positioned in front of a PC like days gone by, where you could perhaps get found out. This is 2018 and technology has advanced so much that if someone wants to have an online affair with a married man or woman then he or she can.

Where does this leave couples and those who participate in online emotional affairs?

There is still a lot of debate around whether meeting someone online constitutes an affair. Is it the same as meeting someone in person in a bar at a regular time once a week? On one hand, it isn’t but on the other it is. There is no physical connection between two people who meet online and that is where things become difficult because love and emotions are just as much about a physical connection as they are about an emotional connection. However, there are feelings and people involved and how those individuals perceive it to be is what will drive their emotions. There might be no harm in chatting with someone online. But once you start delving into the world of sharing intimate secrets, conversations and photos then, perhaps, that is where the line is crossed.

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