The Best Flirty Texts to Make Her Smile


Flirty things to say to a girl

Phones have made it much easier for us to connect with our partners or potential partners in a flirty manner even when we are apart from them, so read on if you have been looking for flirty texts to make her smile. These texts can leave your partner feeling more satisfied with your relationship and make her more excited about seeing you. Find out how to make a girl smile over text right here!

The benefits of flirting

The vast majority of people enjoy flirting every now and then, no matter how old they are. Flirting serves a range of purposes and can be a confidence boost as well as an entertaining way to pass the time. Flirting can also help you let someone suspect that you are attracted to them without having to spell it out for them.

How to make a girl smile over text

Flirting also comes in many forms. These can include cute, fun, moderately and strongly sexual flirting. Text messaging has given many people more confidence to say things that they might be too scared to utter in person. Some texts are more appropriate to send to someone than others, so if you are tempted to send a sexual flirty text, think about this carefully and make sure there is little chance of the recipient being offended by it. Sexual texts are more likely to be appreciated if you have already broached the subject of sex with the other person.

Sweet texts to make her smile

Some of the most common flirty texts can seem quite cheesy, but many people regard them as incredibly fun. Popular lines often include things like “If I was your mirror, I could look at you every morning”, “sweet dreams. I hope I am in them” and “do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past you again”. What one girl finds creepy or cheesy might be received warmly by another. This is why it’s so important to think about the kind of messages the other person will want to read. Popular raunchy texts include “do you have a to-do list? If so, put me on it”, “I’m like a Rubik’s cube – the more you play with me, the harder I become” and “I know you don’t want children, but could we at least practice?”. It’s not wise to send these until you have spent a substantial period of time getting to know the other person.

Flirty texts for her

Let’s take a look at some more slightly cheesy but often effective texts. Lines like “the best thing about keyboards is that U and I are together”, “do your feet hurt? Because you’ve been walking around my brain all day” and “can you empty your pockets? I suspect you’ve stolen my heart”. Although some girls might find some of these lines a tad creepy, they can be more effective than you might think, especially if you have your tongue firmly in cheek when you send them.

Random texts to make her smile

Many messages sent as flirty texts are often used as chat-up lines offline. Chat-up lines can do more than you might expect for your love life. Many studies have been carried out to find out how effective chat-up lines are. A study published by Scientific Reports found that the women surveyed tended to prefer chat-up lines with more creative language – maybe because the language indicated that the person was more intelligent, smarter and therefore more attractive. The study found that metaphorical compliments fared better than straightforward lines.

What do your flirty texts say about you?

The researchers said metaphors involved “higher cognitive processes”, which meant males were using more of their brainpower and showcasing more of their potential as a partner when they used them. Examples of creative chat-up lines cited by Men’s Health included “Are you a meal at the Golden Corral? Because you always leave me satisfied” and “are you a Paul Thomas Anderson movie? Because you’re as confusing as hell”. If you are to make these kinds of references when sending flirty texts, it’s a good idea to ensure the recipient is likely to understand them!

More flirty text messages for her

Before we bring this article to close, let’s take a look at more of the most commonly used lines used in flirty texts, including a number of sincere and playful examples. “Don’t listen to your friends, listen to your heart” has been frequently used by generations of men attempting to woo a potential partner, with “hundreds of miles away and you’re still right here in my heart” being ideal for long-distance lovers. If all else fails and you need to get straight to the point, why not type “hey, you look like my next girlfriend!”.


What works well in one situation won’t always be effective in another, so it’s a good idea to think about what your partner or potential partner will appreciate when composing flirty texts. Nonetheless, flirty texts can really liven up a relationship and help you to progress things with someone that you want to get to know better. Just remember to take care when tempted to fire off a sexual text to avoid causing offence! The more you get to know someone, the easier it is to decide what is and isn’t suitable.

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