Exploring 15 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men


In Hollywood, it’s commonplace to find younger women with older men, and we’re not just talking on the big screen. Did you know Harrison Ford was 60 years old when he started dating Calista Flockhart, who was 38 at the time? Or that Frank Sinatra was 51 when he married Mia Farrow when she was just 21 years old? The list goes on…

So what is it about older men that is so appealing to younger ladies? According to Psychology Today, a young woman is more likely to date an older guy because he’s more likely to have the valued traits that society considers important. That means he’ll be further along in his career, thus acquiring more wealth and power. For the young woman, this means he’ll have the means necessary to care for her and possibly their children if things go that far.

That sense of security is a big reason you’ll find young women with older men, but there has to be more to it than that, right? Of course, there’s more to it than just security. So, if you’ve ever caught yourself gazing longingly at a photo of Harrison Ford or Denzel Washington and wondered, “Why do I like older men?” Continue reading because we’re going to take a look at 15 reasons why you’ll find young women dating older men.

15 Reasons Why Younger Women Date Older Men

1. Older Men Have More Confidence

Like wine, confidence is one of those things that get better with age. Older guys have had plenty of time to get over their insecurities and they’re more secure in who they are and where they’re going in life. Not only will he be more confident, he’s going to be more mature and he’s more than likely ready to settle down and start a family.

2. Older Men Are Further Along in Their Career

Young women want a successful man, and while there’s a lot of ambitious young men out there who are looking for a great woman. However, trying to make your mark in the world is no easy feat and if a younger woman is dating an ambitious go-getter, she’s probably going to come in second to the career. Whereas, if she dated an older guy, she knows his days of constant hustling are over and now he’s able to kick back and enjoy life. Plus all the financial security that goes with being further along in your career.

3. Older Men Know How to Treat a Woman

More often than not, one of the biggest concerns women have about dating a man her own age is his maturity and how he treats her. He’s had his fair share of good and bad relationships and chances are he’s learned a lot along the way. His past relationships helped shape him into the man he is today and he’s probably more aware of what it takes to make sure she’s satisfied. On top of all that, older men are more likely to have a romantic side because they know that women like to have fun, but they also like to be wined and dined from time to time, too.

4. Older Men Usually Are Looking to Settle Down

Don’t get us wrong, there are probably plenty of young men who want to settle down with a great woman, but in most cases, young guys are just interested in casual relationships. They have the mindset of “sowing their oats” before they’re ready to find a wife. Older men, on the other hand, have passed that phase of their lives and now they’re ready to become a family man.

5. Older Men Tend to Have Better Tastes

In most cases, young men tend to like whatever is available and at the right price. They’ll go for Keystone or Pabst. They think the Olive Garden is fine dining. They may even consider a trip to Cancun the ultimate getaway. These are great for some, but for a young woman who wants the finer things in life, she’s going to want an older man with sophisticated tastes. Not only will an older guy know a good wine from a mediocre one, but he can also share his knowledge with the person he’s with.

6. Older Men Know Their Way Around a Kitchen

How often have you met a guy your age who knew how to make shrimp carbonara or Japanese curry? If you were to look in a younger man’s pantry, you’d probably find packages of ramen, boxed rice dishes, and other quick-to-make foods. Older men may have these things in their kitchen, but they also know how to prepare food that takes more than 2 cups of boiling water and flavor packets.

7. Older Men Appreciates the Value of Money

Usually when younger people come into a bit of money, they burn through it pretty quickly. Yet, an older guy understands the value of money and the hard work it takes to amass wealth. Younger women appreciate a guy who has their finances in order, but who aren’t afraid to enjoy the money too. Older men are less likely to waste their hard earned cash on memorable vacations and high-quality products, but they also have a decent retirement plan, too.

8. Older Men Have Learned A Lot Over the Years

Women who like older men can appreciate the wisdom that they’ve gained over the years. It doesn’t matter what the topic may be if a younger woman has a problem, she knows she’ll be able to go to an older guy and get his advice. On top of that, she could even learn fun tidbits, interesting places to visit off the beaten path and even how to do new things. If you date an older guy, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.

9. Older Men Know How to Communicate Better

Some men have a natural knack for being a comforting shoulder to cry on, but in most cases, young men fall short in that regard. Older men have a lot of experience under their belt, therefore they’re going to know how to hold an engaging conversation. Should you get into an argument with an older guy, he’ll have the skills and sense to approach the problem rationally instead of acting from pure emotion. In short – older men are more emotionally stable.

10. Older Men Tend to Be Better at Having a Happy Relationship

Part of being emotionally stable means your older guy will be better equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to make the relationship as fulfilling and happy as can be. They won’t look for ways to hurt your feelings just because you got in a fight the night before. They’ll know how to have a rational discussion when things are problematic, but he’ll also know how to work through their issues without going out and doing anything reckless – like cheating.

11. Older Men Have Grown Out of the Partying Stage

We all know that women mature faster than men, so it should be no surprise that a woman in her late-20’s to early-30’s aren’t interested in the partying scene, whereas men of comparable age view this time as a chance to let loose and have fun before they’re ready to settle down. Women who like older men do so because these guys have done their partying and are ready to be family men.

12. Older Men Are More Appealing for Reproductive Reasons

It isn’t just younger women seeking out older men. The reason why you find so many older men dating younger women isn’t just because she’s hot and full of energy – they date younger women because she’s at the perfect age for reproduction.

Centuries ago when the life expectancy for men was between 20 to 40 years of age, if a woman found a guy who was well into his 60’s that showed that his DNA gave him qualities that helped him live this long. As you can imagine, mating with someone who’s won the proverbial genetic lottery ensures your own children will have equally good genes.

13. Older Men Know How to Please a Woman

With years of experience dealing with the opposite sex, it’s no surprise that older men know how to treat a woman, but he also knows how to please a woman. Many women find that sleeping with a younger man can be one-sided because he doesn’t really pay attention to his lover because he’s so focused on his pleasure. An older guy, however, has had plenty of sex throughout the years to which he has perfected his moves so that he can help his lady achieve the big-O.

14. Older Men Aren’t Still “Searching” for a Sense of Style

ZZ Top was onto something when they wrote Sharp Dressed Man. Older guys have a sense of style that makes the ladies swoon. Unlike the younger guys that you may see walking down the road, the older gentlemen know what looks good on them. They know how to use accessories (yes, men can accessorize!) to take a run of the mill suit to the next level. He already knows how to tie a tie and you wouldn’t catch him attending a formal function in a pair of Chuck Taylors.

15. Older Men Are Less Likely to Have Bad Habits

It isn’t uncommon to find men in their 20’s and 30’s grappling with common vices like smoking, partying too much, or having a diet that consists of fast food and pop tarts. These bad habits can be difficult to break, but older men have had time to get their habits in check because they’ve seen the long-term effects that coincide with said bad habits.

Final Thoughts on the Reasons Young Women Date Older Men

For all the reasons younger women date older men, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park because there are some downsides that you should be prepared to deal with.

For example, older men tend to be insecure about their age and in an effort to make them feel young again, they’ll start dating younger women. That means if you start talking to an older man and it starts getting serious, you have to take a moment and decide if he’s really into you or if he’s just trying to recapture some of his youth.

Another possible downside of dating an older man is that he may try to control you. Older men have spent decades living their lives how they want to, so when they meet a strong-minded woman, it may be difficult for them to relinquish some of the decision-making power.

With all that said, don’t let any of that deter you from dating an older man. It’s okay to go out with the intentions of finding a handsome older guy who has all the qualities you’re looking for. You can even go online to find single older men if you really wanted.

When you’re dating an older man, he can show you the finer things in life, but he can also give you the support and reassurance that younger men sometimes cannot.

Keep in mind that despite what some people would try to have you believe, you’re not a gold-digger if you fancy an older guy. They just don’t understand that some women prefer a man who’s not playing video games or spending their weekends playing beer pong.

How do you feel about dating an older man? Are you a firm supporter in the theory that age is just a number or are you part of society that looks at May/December relationships with a skeptical eye? Sign up to Flirt.com and tell us your thoughts or share your experiences with dating an older man. We’d love to hear from you!