How to Rock Thirtysomething Dating

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Gone are the days when most people were married in their early twenties, whatever you think of these traditions people are now dating later in life for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’ve been divorced, simply haven’t found the right person yet or just don’t want to settle down, there are tons of opportunities available for you when you’re dating in your thirties and beyond. However, the dating game does change massively as you begin to head into your thirties, so we’re here to help you navigate this new world and form incredible dating experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

How to Date in Your 30’s and Beyond

The rules of dating don’t drastically change when you move from your 20’s to your 30’s and beyond, but there are subtle differences that can make or break your experience. By knowing how to date and what methods you should be using to make the most out of your situation, you’ll be able to find a suitable and loving partner with ease.

Online Dating

Online dating is the perfect solution for singles over 30 who’re looking for love as it is one of the most prominent methods people use. Forbes recently showed that 22% of people in the 25-34 age bracket have used dating sites and apps to find love and 21% of those in the 35-44 age bracket have used these services. This is one of the highest percentages of singles using online dating to help them find love, meaning you’ll be able to pull from an expansive pool of singles and find more people to date who’re compatible with you.

Don’t Be Coy

Whether you’re chatting in a bar or have been messaging someone online, you don’t want to wait too long to invite them out. We understand it can be scary, but many singles who’re 30 and over prefer the earlier stages of their relationship to go faster for a plethora of reasons. Older singles have more external commitments, so they’ll have much more limited time to date, so its important to nab the most desirable people for you as soon as possible. Furthermore, many older singles may want to get married or have kids within a few years and don’t want to wait around forever.

Mind Relationship History

Evidently, singles who’re dating in their mid-30’s and beyond are going to have more relationship baggage than someone in their 20’s, so you always need to be mindful of that. Is there a crazy ex-wife who still continues to chase down his phone or a woman who is still pursued by her boyfriend? These are important things to note as you need to know how likely drama will occur on a regular basis and if they’re going to go back to their partner. If it doesn’t appear to be something you want to get involved in, then safe yourself the trouble and look for someone more distanced from their previous relationships.

Tips for Dating After 30

Tips for Dating After 30

Now that you have some general rules to apply to your dating life, we can begin to introduce some tips and tricks that’ll enhance your dating experience and enable you to find the most compatible, genuine and loving singles for you.

Avoid Talking About Relationship History

In a similar vein to discerning how committed someone still is to their ex, if you decide to pursue a relationship with someone, then it is best not to talk about your ex. Otherwise, other singles may think you’re hung up on them and may not want to meet you as they don’t want to get involved. Furthermore, you should be discovering more about the other person and understanding whether they’re a prospective partner instead of staying hung-up on the past.

Suggest a Shorter Meet-Up First

If it is your first date with this person, then meeting for an hour at a coffee shop or a casual walk is the best way to learn whether you want to see them again. The last thing you want is to take an evening out of your busy life only to have an awkward first date. By only meeting for an hour or so first, you can discover whether you click with one another and arrange something more extensive in the future. This way you avoid dull first dates and won’t have to waste time you could have spent on more compatible people.

Be Honest

When you’re dating in your 30’s and over, you need to be aware that singles are less tolerant to lying regarding what you want in a relationship. Mainly, because they want to get on with their lives and discover the best person for them, so wasting their time is inconsiderate. If you find a guy attractive, but he’s looking for something serious and you’re not, then be honest with him. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a casual fling and they want a relationship, then don’t string them along. It isn’t fair and there are plenty of singles available who will be looking for similar things to you. Knowing what you want in a relationship is just as important as finding someone you get along with.

Forming intimate relationships and finding a companion is difficult in any stage of life, but by applying some basic rules, continuing to be honest and following your relationship goals you’ll find someone perfect for you in no time. There is somebody out there for everyone and they may seem difficult to find, but once you put yourself out there and start discovering singles, you’ll realise it is much easier than you think. This is the perfect time to explore what you’re searching for and discover new things about yourself. Think of it as a time of personal growth and learn how to be considerate of the people you’re dating as they’re likely to have been through the wars themselves. was made for thirtysomething dating! Make finding a partner an easy and pleasurable journey.