17 Essential Notes for White Guys Dating Black Girls

white man with black woman

If you’re one of the many white guys dating black girls, you understand what is so special about these strong women. They hold their head high, speak their mind, and they are more powerful than people give them credit for.

Although we want to believe that the world is diversifying at a progressive rate, we won’t deny that interracial relationships are still relatively rare. Like other relationships, it isn’t always going to be a walk in the park and you’re going to have your ups and downs. However, unlike other relationships, you are going to be presented with a bunch of new issues that don’t present themselves when white guys date white women.

Here are some notes that you should be aware of now that you’ve decided to join the crowd of white guys dating black girls. Some are amusing, some are sad, and some… Well… They just make you scratch your head.

1. You’re considered a minority now, too. Although you are a white guy, people will treat you a little bit differently because you are dating outside of your race.

2. People will not approve of your relationship. Despite it being 2016, there are going to be plenty of people who will openly disapprove of your relationship. Of course, you shouldn’t take it to heart and focus on who makes you happy, but it still doesn’t hurt any less when bigots feel it necessary to condemn you to hell simply because the love of your life has a darker skin tone than you.

3. Body parts do come in different colors. This means nether regions and the nips will be different colors!

4. Be prepared for talks of mixed raced children. For some reason, people will assume that it is okay to talk about your sex life and encourage you to procreate in the hopes of you producing a mixed child…

Because, you know, mixed children are so much better than any other child.

5. Their hair. Apparently, one of the biggest topics people are concerned about their hair. You will be asked so many questions about their hair than you ever cared to discuss.

6. People will still stare. You will have to come to the realization that depending on where you are, people will stare at you and your lady loves like you are glorious unicorns.

7. Rude racial jokes. For some reason, people love making tasteless “you love your women like you love your coffee” jokes.

8. Interesting first meetings. If you’re meeting her friends for the first time or she’s meeting yours, unless you have “race-centric” names, people are going to be surprised when upon that first meeting.

9. You are congratulated for going the “exotic” route. For some strange reason, other white guys will praise you for dating an “exotic” (read: non-white) woman.

10. She will be accused of being a race traitor. As much as you want to believe people will be accepting, members of the black community may accuse her of being a race traitor because she is choosing to be with you, rather than a black man.

11. People will serenade you. If you’ve never heard it before, you will become very familiar with the lyrics to “Ebony and Ivory.”

12. People will assume you’ve always liked black women. They may even go so far and assume that you also prefer them to white women.

13. You’ll be given a membership card. No, not really, but when you see other interracial couples, you can look at them knowingly as though you are a member of a secret society.

14. You’re going to stand out. Again, even though it is 2016, you will probably the only one in your social circle who is in an interracial relationship.

15. You will probably feel embarrassed at least once by your friends. Whether it is intentional or not, your friends and maybe even family will embarrass you with a mildly racist joke while in the presence of your girlfriend.

16. You will have to know case law from decades ago. People will assume that you know when interracial marriage was legalized (Hint: it was in 1967).

17. You’ll be told that it isn’t a big deal. When you’re in the company of your friends who are in the same race relationship, if you try to explain the unique situations you face, they will probably downplay it and say that those issues aren’t a big deal.