11 Things You Should Never Tell a Person in an Interracial Relationship

white girl with black guy on the beach

Interracial relationships are becoming more and more common. In today’s world, you have to be careful what you say, so as to not offend anyone, especially someone in an interracial relationship. Never feel ashamed to be attracted to someone of another race.

If you’re interested in dating Asian women, or have a thing for African-Americans, there are some fantastic online dating sites that cater to these specific needs. It’s so much easier to meet someone of a different race on one of these niche sites than elsewhere because the members are all looking for the same thing. And, hopefully, once you start dating someone of another race, you won’t hear these kind of comments:

1. What if your kids look like your spouse? This is probably the most offensive thing you could possibly say to a person in an interracial relationship. Besides, what’s so wrong with the child being of another race?

2. Your father will never approve. Even if this is true, don’t say that. Why? Because you’ll be encouraging your friend to leave their significant other for someone of the same race, even if that wasn’t your intention.

3. You’re just going through a phase. Being attracted to someone of another race or ethnicity isn’t a phase. If you have a friend that has gone outside their race for the first time to date, don’t be ignorant and utter this nonsense.

4. Once you go black, you never go back! This might not offend your friend, although it could, but it’s still inappropriate. The point is you shouldn’t focus on the fact your friend or family member is dating someone of a different race. They are simply dating someone they like, whether that person is black, white, Asian, etc. It doesn’t matter.

5. You must be desperate. Why are they desperate? That’s silly to think someone that dates outside their race is desperate. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, they, you know, happen to be attracted to people of other races?

6. How are you going to explain to your children why you look different than daddy? What’s there to explain? We all look different in certain ways. So if the child of an interracial couple asks that question someday, well, there’s your answer.

7. Don’t you like people of your own race? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Either way, it doesn’t matter. We all like what we like. We can’t control what we are attracted to. If your friend happens to only be attracted to members of another race, so what?

8. Does your boyfriend live up to his stereotype in bed? We’ve all heard the stereotype about how black guys are well endowed and Asians aren’t. Whether that stereotype holds true or not in your friend’s relationship, that’s really none of your business, so don’t ask!

9. You must have daddy issues. No, people that have daddy issues look for a sugar daddy or become a stripper. They don’t go out looking for a lover of another race. People that look for someone of another race look for that type of person because that’s what they’re into.

10. I bet your Mexican boyfriend loves tequila. Yes, he does. But, no, it’s not because he’s Mexican. It’s because tequila is awesome. Don’t stereotype people. Not every black person is a criminal and not every Asian likes to gamble. Okay, maybe the last one is true 99% of the time. Just kidding. Kind of.

11. I don’t want his kind over at my house. Racism isn’t cool. Enough said.