What Makes Asian Man and White Woman Dating so Unique?

asian couple takes selfie

Surely you’ve heard the term “Yellow Fever,” in the past. This term is what people use when they describe someone who has the penchant for dating an Asian person when they, themselves, are not Asian. Why, for years, it’s a common place that men (both white men and black men) often enjoy dating Asian women, however, have you ever wondered why you rarely see an instance where an Asian Man and a White Woman are dating. But, why?

For decades, (if not longer) interracial dating and marriages have been a natural phenomenon in countries all over the world, especially where there is plenty of diversity. However, when it comes to Asian men dating white women, it’s not as common as you may think. In fact, it’s not very common at all.

Well, we are here to enlighten you as to why you may want to try dating an Asian man for yourself. You may be surprised by what you learn!

1. Asian Men are incredibly sexy.

We understand that not all Asian men are going to look like Suju or Jet Li, but there is a certain quality about the Asian man that really sets ladies hearts on fire. They have high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes but they can also have strong jawlines, they tend to be in excellent physical condition (especially if they practice martial arts) and they have a certain mannerism that other men tend to lack.

2. Their accent can be quite charming.

If you’re dating an Asian man who actually hails from an Asian country, then you may be smitten by their accent. Granted, they may take a bit of getting used to, especially if you aren’t familiar with their particular accent. But, if you take an Asian guy who is from the same country as you, you’ve got the best of both worlds—you have the exotic look of dating an Asian, but you are able to understand them perfectly, thanks to growing up in the same country.

3. They are high achievers.

Asian men tend to be high achievers and they always have been. This stems from the way they were raised. It is very uncommon for an Asian man to have a low education and do not have the desire to do well in life. Over the years, you’ve probably heard that these Asian fellows are incredibly smart and they are capable of doing great things (many times it is often expected of them). This stereotype is there for a reason. For those who want to go somewhere in life, you may want to date an Asian man, as they will push you to do your best.

If you’re an Asian man who wants to date a white woman, you may have to change your approach. These three tips can help you do just that.

1. Go to the places where there will be white women. Too often Asian men think that they can go anywhere and the women will fall at their feet. The problem here is that many Asian guys are too shy to go into a place where there are predominately white women. Stop! Stop right there! If you want to meet and date a white woman, you actually have to go to where they are and mingle with them!

2. Make Friends with Non-Asians. Although we want to believe it is easy to make friends with non-Asians, many men find it more comfortable to stick to their own race. Again, if you want to date a
particular race, you will have to meet them and get to know them. What better way to get to meet white women is to become familiar with their culture? You can do this by befriending white folk and
learning from them.

3. Pull your white girl into your world. Chances are, the white woman that you’re interested in has little to no exposure to the Asian culture. If you really want to open her eyes and become fascinated by you and your culture, you’re going to have to introduce her to your world. Take her on ethnic dates, have her try some of your favorite foods. Show her what it’s like to celebrate holidays in your culture. You may find that she is much more receptive to dating you when she understands your culture and your heritage.