Hot and Spicy Dating in Hong Kong

couple hugs on the shore

The Hong Kong lifestyle for young singles is “Work Hard, Play Hard” and the same goes for dating. It’s a wild, vibrant, driven and ambitious culture in the city, so take advantage of it! If you enter this scene as an expat you may be in luck. Citizens of this glamorous city are intrigued by the unfamiliar and find you as exotic as you find them.

Network It!

It’s all about who you know in Hong Kong. If you lack networking skills you’ll need to improve them to meet potential partners. Hooking up at bars occurs, but you have better luck finding a real date by having a friend set you up.

Fun, Not Forever

I hope you’re looking for a good time and not a long time, because it’s about fun rather than forever on the Hong Kong dating scene. Commitment is low on the priority lists of young singles in Hong Kong. The city is more focused on business success than romantic revels, so affairs are not long and drawn out. It’s no-strings-attached fun!

Time to Unwind

While most of the week is about work, the weekends in Hong Kong are all about hard partying for the young and single. Lang Kwai Fong is the hippest district in Hong Kong where people come to play. There is an endless array of bars and clubs to drink and dance the night away.

Don’t I Know You?

The dating pool is somewhat limited in the city. You may date the same people as your friends, and you will definitely run into your exes since everyone visits the same few bars. Be prepared, and do your best to be gracious rather than awkward. It’s important to maintain a reputation for being calm in the face of upsetting circumstances.

Women on the Rise

Hong Kong’s population has significantly more women than men. As in any scenario with distinct differences in the dating pool, this has created pressure on the group with the surplus. Hong Kong’s dating scene is filled with beautiful women and handsome men looking for the best of the best. So put your best foot forward!

High Expectations

Hong Kong women are well-educated, employed, and expect men to live up to their work ethic and quality of life. These high stakes are somewhat reduced in casual dating versus the search for a marriage partner, but the same demands are present even for short-term situations. If she can’t see you as an equal in independence, a Hong Kong woman may pass you over.

What He Wants

The men of Hong Kong are also infamously picky because they have more choices. Common wisdom says that Hong Kong men focus on a career in their twenties and settle down in their thirties. They prefer young women as wives, often with less education or earning power than them. Statistics indicate that they tend to favor marrying mainland women or immigrants, including foreigners. This could mean you!

Take this information into the Asian dating world and have a good time!