What’s the Average Cost of a Date Night in America? Read on!

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The Cost Can Vary

When you head out on a date with someone you find attractive you may be thinking “how much should I spend on a date?” when in reality there is no clear cut answer. How much you spend depends on so many things including the person you are dating, your affordability, where you eat, where you drink or how much you spend on popcorn in the cinema. Of course, the average cost of dating will give you an indication of how much to spend on a date which will prevent you from looking like you are someone who does things on the cheap.

The Average Dating Spend Thr

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Regardless of whether you are someone who dates a lot or every now and again, the average spend on dating throughout the lifetime of an American is over $20,000. That is a lot of money to spend and more than likely shows that you have expensive first date ideas but it does give an indication as to how much people spend on dating. Of course, this is an average figure and so, there are some who spend more and others who spend less but in the main, a lot of money has been spent to date!

Ways to Spend Money on your First Date

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That first date is crucial if you want to make a good impression and get the other person to fall for you. This means that you, just like many are wondering how much to spend on first date dinner or even how much should I spend on a first date in general. The figures depend very much on what you plan to do but the costs can soon mount up. If you want to head out for a night of drinks then that can mount up particularly if you head for the champagne but a dinner date or a trip to the cinema or even both together can see you spending a lot of money. Of course, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money because you could spend quality time together in the park but then some people just have expensive first date ideas.

Around $43.50 is Spent per Date by People

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This is an average figure again but the average cost of a date is around $45. However, this is just a general figure because men spent more than women on each date. This is because women spent an average of $34.29 while men spend almost double that at $65.69. The amount that is spent is all down to where you live and knowing how much to spend on your girlfriend because the cost can spiral out of control.

The average cost of a dinner date is around $40 which is affordable for many but then many decide to raise the bar and head to a swanky restaurant which costs more. However, the cost of the cinema for two is around $20 and when you add snacks to this, the cost rises. Therefore, when you put together the average cost of a dinner for two, the cinema with snacks and maybe drinks later, the cost can go way above $100.


So, is there a right or wrong amount to spend on a first date? Absolutely not, you can spend as much or as little as you wish. All that matters is that you and your date work together and you have a great first date to go with it.