Tips for Finding True Love in Switzerland


Breaking the code of a new culture can prove to be a tricky task – particularly if you are on the hunt for romance in Switzerland. Swiss culture is perhaps a bit hardened against foreigners, and acclimating to the culture, like the elevation, requires effort on your part. It is wise to navigate the culture from the ground-up: put time into learning the local language, actively trying to make friends at work, socially engaging in athletic or extra-curricular interests like taking a class.

Putting in the legwork to build a social network is key, as it can be difficult to meet potential partners in casual settings without any previous social connections. Be bold and willing to put yourself out there, and don’t expect love just to fall in your lap. Men are unlikely to approach women in a bar, for example.

While the Swiss boast a sexually liberated culture and women are independent and career-oriented, there is a high degree of chivalry and traditional gender roles in Switzerland when it comes to the give-and-take of pursuing relationships. As a woman looking for a man, it is wise to indicate interest with eye contact and a welcome smile, but let him take the initiative when it comes to asking you out. However, expect to share the cost of a date. If you are a man looking for a woman, however, do offer to pay for your date, and offer her the utmost in respect. And bringing along chocolate is never a bad thing – the Swiss consume more chocolate than any other culture in the world.

And if you do meet somebody you are interested in, be prepared to invest significant time and serious effort into developing the relationship. These are not people interested in instant gratification. Swiss work hard to achieve their high standard of living, and that is mirrored in social interactions. The significant time between dates is the norm, to maintain independence and develop a trusting relationship. And the Swiss appreciate their personal space, so it may be awhile before you can cozy up and cuddle.

As for social norms, it is uncommon to date multiple people at once, so be up front about this to any potential partner if you are indeed playing the field. Also, it is wise to keep intimacy at bay until you can feel confident about committing to monogamy (unless a one-night-stand is the mutually-agreed upon approach).

In general, the Swiss are active and enjoy getting outdoors. Hiking and skiing are excellent choices for mutually enjoyable activities. They are also well-educated, so be willing to read your way into offering informed opinions in conversation.

Be persistent, and don’t get discouraged. What you perceive as rejection may just be your Swiss counterpart behaving in a normal manner.

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