What You Must Know Before Dating a Swedish Girl


You have your heart set on ravishing a Nordic goddess, only to arrive in Stockholm and discover that you have absolutely no idea how to break the ice that those Swedish ladies brush off their notoriously cold shoulders.

The world envisions Swedish women as beautiful leggy blondes clad in bikinis ready to serve us beer. In reality, Swedish women tend to come across as aloof Scandinavian snow queens. But before you go thinking that you’re being shut down, we’re here to explain several important aspects of Swedish culture that can help you understand its women and how to approach them.

Sweden is touted as the most liberal, progressive country in the world. Gender equality, socialism, and science reign in this secular land. And so it would only make sense that Swedish woman is well-educated and fiercely independent, which many guys can misinterpret as untouchable.

It doesn’t help that Swedes are known for being socially awkward or shy, which can add to the impression that she is totally uninterested in you. Don’t let that put you off, but consider the following tips to boost your advantage and warm that Swedish lady up to you.

Polish your appearance by doctoring up your wardrobe. Take a cue from the local style and dress smartly, stylishly and warmly in closely-fitting attire.

It’s best to initiate conversation with her inside. Otherwise, you may freeze before you get anywhere with a girl. Ask for directions or restaurant recommendations. Bring your intelligence game to the table, keeping her smarts in mind, and leave any traces of misogyny at home.

Keep in mind that generally speaking, Swedish females are feminists and expect nothing less than equality, meaning equal pay on a date. However, we are not suggesting to leave all romance at home. Flattery and flowers are always welcome.

Her shyness may make for quiet conversation, but with persistence, kindness, and a few drinks, she will loosen up if she deems you worthy of her time. And if that’s the case, expect to put in a long-term commitment involving time and dedication. Swedish women prefer to let relationships develop at a slow simmer instead of a rollicking boil (though you two may be boiling in the bedroom); she wants to take her time to cultivating a strong and steady romance build on a foundation meant to last.

In a culture based on equality, one benefit to both genders is the lack of slut-shaming, so these strong females make their own decisions about who to sleep with and when. Sexuality isn’t subject to judgemental stigma, making the bedroom a welcome place for partners.

She may take her time to warm up, but once she says I love you, she’s pot-committed. If loyalty and reliability are what you crave in a relationship, then a Swedish woman may be for you.