Tried and True Tips for Dating German Women


Are you interested in dating a lovely German woman? Whether in the country or abroad, these women can be challenging to court, but worth it when you win her heart.

Cool and Collected

Germany is a cold land, and some say its women follow the temperature. Don’t expect this chilly exterior to suddenly melt when she has fallen for you. Public displays of affection are not popular in this culture, and it may take some time before she opens up to you. When she does feel comfortable she can be a very deep lover. It all depends on how much she trusts you. Do your best to earn her trust and she will respond.

German women are known for being reserved. Do not attempt to flirt aggressively. Your best bet is to look at her in brief glances with concentration. Not gazing, not staring. It’s a subtle art to master, and subtlety is the name of the game.

Technologically Adept

If you love the latest gadget you may have found your dream woman. German tech is cutting edge in Europe, and the citizens stay up-to-date on the newest trends in tech. Share your knowledge and bold taste in technology to start conversations and show that you are worth her time. If you are technophobic consider asking her to teach you about the new products on the market. German women are great at explaining things and you show that you value her opinion and expertise.

Keep It Proper

Propriety is of the utmost importance for these women. If you breach etiquette she may shun you and ignore you when you attempt to speak to her. She might stare at you in silence, accusing you with her eyes of whatever you’ve done wrong. Did you come on too strong? Remember to keep it slow moving and polite. Be careful not to overstep your bounds!

Independent Women

German women are quite independent. They don’t expect to be pampered, wined and dined, etc. Most would find it uncomfortable. They spend their own money on themselves and the costs of dates are usually split equally. Don’t try to put them on a pedestal as a delicate, helpless woman. Instead, show respect for her abilities and how she takes care of business.

German women don’t need to be rescued or taken care of. They often find such notions insulting and degrading. Most women in Germany appreciate gender equality and think of it as a part of their lives. To some outsiders, this level of independence feels unfeminine and has given rise to a negative stereotype of “manly” women.

German women expect to be accorded equal treatment both in the workplace and at home. They are as dedicated to work and intelligent as men. They know they deserve to be treated with respect. In fact, the way to a German woman’s heart is a classic mixture of respect, equality, and shared interests. She is worth the effort, so go out there and find her!