What’s It Like Dating a Muslim?

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In big metropolitan cities, there are many cultural and religious differences you encounter today when dating, because you’ll encounter people from all walks of life. If you’ve met and are considering dating a Muslim, there are a few things you need to know and we’ve gathered some information in this blog! Also if you’re looking for Muslim singles, we have some ideas for you.

Meeting Single Muslims

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Where do you meet single Muslims? You can meet single Muslims in any gathering for Muslims (like Muslim study groups, etc.), as well as at the local coffee shop most likely, but it’s easiest to meet Muslim singles online – simply because you’ll find the most singles in one place!

How to Date a Muslim Man

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The first thing you need to know is that traditionally Muslim men and women don’t date – they might spend time together in groups, or go out with their parents tagging along as chaperones, but they are not allowed to go on a traditional “date.” Love and marriage are highly regarded in the Muslim faith, but not romantic “crushes.” It’s therefore advised that the man and woman truly ransack their heart and mind to find out if it is true love, or if it’s just a crush. Whilst it’s normal to have crushes and desires, it’s not encouraged to follow them.

Of course, many Muslim men today are less traditional and will go on platonic dates (that’s to say: no touching), or even regular “American style” dates. Some even have relationships that don’t lead to marriage. It’s all a matter of how they view their faith. The best way to figure it out is to ask them.

It’s important that you know that the man you wish to date might not behave as a “Western” man – just because he’s interested in you doesn’t mean he’ll hold your hand, or even ask you out on a date. So keep an open dialogue!

How to Date a Muslim Woman

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You need to know that according to the traditional interpretation of the faith, Muslim women are not allowed to date non-Muslim men. However, some people are not as strict on this, or they simply choose to interpret it differently. Just bear in mind that even if a Muslim girl wishes to date you, it’s not guaranteed that her friends and family will accept you unless you’re Muslim.

Also, as with men, women traditionally don’t date. However, again, just as with men, many have chosen to interpret this differently and are OK with spending time with a guy in groups, or platonically one on one, or even taking it further than that. Just take it slow and be sure you don’t accidentally push a woman away from you by assuming she’ll go on dates with you – rather build your connection first and learn how she views her faith before asking her out. Or, if you’re certain there’s attraction, ask her straight away how she feels about dating!