Things to Know about Dating in Perth, Australia


Perth. The largest city and capital of Western Australia, where the population is 2 and a half million and a huge portion of them are single. Seems like dating should be a doddle, right? Maybe not. Lots of people in larger Australian cities like Perth are reporting a difficulty in finding a partner and there seem to be a few theories on why this could be.

Perth used to be a hub city for the mining industry where the population of men was higher than women, however when the industry moved on, so did the men following the work. People also report that finding “dates” is harder because of the way people socialize – effectively in large packs, making it intimidating for anyone to approach someone they like the look of!

If you’re in Perth, or any other major city, we’ve got a few tips on how to meet people:

1. Location, Location, Location


Thanks to the advent of social media and dating apps, meeting someone in a bar or pub seems to largely be a thing of the past. More and more people are reluctant to approach people on a night out, but there’s nothing wrong with starting up a conversation. Think about WHERE you might see a lot of other singletons, even if it’s at a museum or art gallery on a Saturday afternoon. Diversify the places you go and you’ll diversify the pool of people you’ll potentially meet.

2. Use an App


Using an app or dating site is successful for a few reasons. Firstly there’s no awkward, face-to-face rejection and secondly, you know you’re both there for the same reason, rather than getting the “sorry, I’m engaged” brush-off. You’ll improve your chances of exponentially by harnessing the power of the ‘net.

3. Take a Class


Often, the people taking evening classes are young and single, purely because they don’t have a family to tend to in the evenings. Look for classes in something which WON’T be predominantly frequented by the gender you’re not looking to meet (women taking a flower arranging class probably aren’t going to meet many guys at these classes…) but things like cookery and art are usually unisex and might lead to some interesting connections.

4. Spend Time with Old Friends


Okay, so dating within your immediate friendship group might not appeal to you, but re-connecting with old school or uni friends might open up a whole world of potential through single siblings, other acquaintances and people your friends will be dying to set you up with! Everyone has a single friend or relative who they’d love to arrange a date for and if you’re willing to be everyone’s guinea pig you could end up finding your soulmate.

5. Don’t Be Picky


Let us clarify; by “don’t be picky”, we don’t mean that you should start accepting dates with every Tom, Dick, and Harriet who asks you. However, sometimes it really pays to go on dates with people who you don’t find immediately striking. Some of the best relationships grow over time and you never know, they might win you over with their amazing charm and wit. There doesn’t have to be immediate lust for a date to work!