Six Tips for Dating a Spanish Woman

face of the spanish woman

Killer dance moves. Delicious food. Abundant curves and passion. What’s not to love about the Spanish female? Not much, and we’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of romancing these notoriously beautiful and fiery women.

1. Respect the family ties, ‘cause they run deep. Her familia is a huge part of her life. Join her in loud n’ lively family gatherings running late into the evening hours, and they may reward you with the tantalizing flavors of paella or tigres washed down with a glass of Tempranillo or three. Flatter her mama by complimenting her dress and show up at the door with a gift of flowers. Get in with her brothers by breaking out your limited football know-how and prepare to be schooled.

2. Brace yourself for her intense passion for… everything. Spanish ladies aren’t exactly known for moderation, and relationships are no exception. There is very little casual dating in Spain, so if she does let you in, you can trust that it’s serious. Expect to phone her many times a day, to participate in lengthy discussions and to offer your time, mind and body all-in. And the fighting? Forgetaboutit. You may as well go ahead and decide right this minute that you are wrong. Wrong about what, you may ask? Oh, you know, just EVERYTHING you will ever disagree with your Spanish girl about. Because hell hath no fury like an angry Spanish woman, and trust us, you’ll just want to go ahead and wave that white flag now.

3. Say good-bye to punctuality. All that passion is going to get in the way of being on time to anything, ever. Punctuality is a foreign concept to that new lovely lady of yours, so kick up your heels and turn up a Cervezas Moritz, cause it’s gonna be awhile. The wait, however, will be totally worth is as your lady emerges from her cave of beauty looking ravishing in her red lipstick and hip-hugging outfit.

4. Do the Fandango: seduce her on the dance floor. Or rather, gather up some stamina to allow yourself to be seduced on the dance floor hour upon hot, sexy, sweaty hour. Prepare your body for this with preliminary dance lessons and putting in some serious gym time to build up your endurance. Cause son, you’re going to need it.

5. Break out the chivalry: Match her ardor with your own elaborate displays of affection. Pay for the meal, pull out the chair, surprise her with jewelry or chocolate. Compliment her; she already knows she’s beautiful, but it never hurts to be generous.

6. Enjoy her self-confidence: Spanish ladies are sexy, and they aren’t shy about the love they have for their body. If you think her moves on the dance floor are mind-blowing, just wait for what she has in store for you in the bedroom.

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