Yellow Fever On the Rise – More White Guys Increasingly like Asian Girls

white guy with asian woman

The Asian woman who is not a reality has stuck herself to the active imagination of many a young man. Some of these myths border on ridiculous while others are just plain impossible. They are, however, the reason why more white men are seeking Asian women. Here is a look at some of the more rampant ones:

Perfect Wives

This myth is Confucius’s doing. When he was writing about how dutiful wives should behave with their husbands, he wrote that they looked up to their husbands. That was back in 500 BC! Believing that all Asian women will make perfect wives because of the good family values that are ethnically instilled in them is illogical. Even crazier is expecting all of them will live their lives just to cater to their husband.

White men should stop looking for the Asian woman who is happy to spend her life cooking and cleaning her house. That is the old Asian woman; the new generation is completely different. The new Asian woman may want to get married but she is also educated and often tech-savvy. She will want to utilize her talents just as anyone else would.

Naturally Submissive

You could be right, if you were talking about Vietnamese women in movies, such as The Scent of Green Papaya. This assumption is the result of Western liberal feminist propagation. The reality is somewhat different. Okay, it is a whole lot different since Asian women come in all flavors, just as non-Asian women do! The no-nonsense attitude that some of the more bossy and pragmatic Asian women have towards life is an eye-opener to many! Any submissive women in Asia will be the ones who are least likely to start dating western men. The ones who do are the women who want more out of life and are independent enough to go out looking for it! They are polite and respectful towards others and that gives the appearance that they are weak or submissive. Men who are looking for a serious relationship with an Asian woman should disregard the myth that all Asian women are sweet and innocent.

Looking for a Better Life

This one is partly true since there are Asian women who are looking for a better life. Since they live on the other side of the world, it is understandable if a few of them think heaven is on this side. Money and independence do sound good. However, Asian women from economies that are growing rapidly do not believe so. They also recognize that marrying a Westerner is no guarantee for a better situation financially. Therefore, there may be some girls out there who marry a Westerner for a green card. However, many white women marry for money as well! Look around and you will see many Western men who are now living in Asia. They are usually the people who met their Asian wives in the United States, initially. If it were only the green cards they were after, why bring their Western husbands to Asia?

How to Flirt With Asian Women

That being said, there are some generalizations. These tips will come in handy when you are trying to flirt with an Asian woman.

Court Her

While there are many Asian girls who are less traditional, most of them will expect you to court them. Such girls who are more likely to take you home to their parents are not interested in bad boys. Do not be the guy who always looks unkempt clothes or behaves like a pickup artist. Do not come on too strong and start with sex. Be courteous and it will pay off!

Compliment Her

Most white women will scoff at your attempts of complimenting them on their appearance. They will find it unoriginal. However, paying an Asian woman a compliment mostly works in the exact opposite way! Asian women take great pride in the way they dress and look. A sincere compliment will flatter them.

We hope this article helped clear some of the misunderstandings that surround the dating of Asian women.