Get an Idea of Where to Meet Singles in Memphis 


Meeting singles who are compatible with your needs has never been easy. Finding these people in your locality may prove even harder if you do not know where to look. Discreetness and safety are hard to come by as well. 

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Connect with Local Men and Women in Memphis Singles Bars 

What could be more thrilling than making a new acquaintance? Just make a new acquaintance with a fine man or woman. And what a better way to meet these singles in Memphis than to visit a comfortable meetup spot in your hood! 

A flirty date that leads to a happy ending, i.e., a relationship, needs to set off in a trendy bar. A cocktail bar perhaps. 

The Cove (Cocktail and Oyster Bar)


At the Cove, Cocktails patrons are drawn in with sea-oriented decors and some romantic lighting. Once in, you will be treated to tongue-tickling seafood combos and exceptionally tasty cocktails. 

Eyed a potential mate? Then get ready to dish out all your tongue-twisting pickup lines. Grab Memphis’ oldest and famous Sazerac cocktail. This ought to break the ice for you and ease your way into any woman’s or man’s heart. Admission is for over 21 only (age) in a non-smoking environment. Great for the health-conscious in all of us.

Blind Bear- Speak Easy


Connect using our online app and meet Memphis locals at Blind Bear. This hot spot brings singles together for some exotic meals — flirt with other men and women, prohibition-style. 

Their food and drinks menu will bring out all your inhibitions. Grab a nachos and quesadilla while you brace yourself for some cocktails. There are whiskeys as well as champagne cocktails to pick from. 

Like most bars that retain their customers, this is one that will keep you coming back for more. They have specials like hold-em Tuesdays, Trivia Wednesdays, hold-em poker Thursdays, and live music shows from Friday to Sunday. 

Celtic Crossing


What a better way to ease your way into a man or woman’s heart than through their stomach, right? Well, how about some healthy grub and a galore of drinks to boot? 

No place offers you a stomach-churning and mouth-watering menu like an Irish pub. The food will be nothing less of filling. On to the bar, then?

Well, their bar (drinks menu) needs one to proceed with caution. There are 30+ drinks… yes, more than that to choose from in whiskeys alone. 

The Celtic crossing will give you all the leverage you need to attract your match. A date or two, and you may cross over to relationship land. 

Silly Goose 


The list would not be complete without mind-blowing drinks and some cheesy (pun intended) food. This bar is excellent for those who need to curb hunger ASAP and git-to-sipping. 

A pizza variety is wood-fired to have it almost scalding hot as it meets your palette. Speaking of palettes, grab a drink or two off the expansive menu and flirt your way into a lass’s heart. 

Meet men and women at this bustling venue for some flirtatious action. The drinks are hand-made for that unique taste appreciated only at Silly Goose. Be sure to place a few drinks in some ladies’ hands for full appreciation too. 

Best Clubs to Meet Singles in Memphis 

Looking to link up with exciting singles in your area? This city has fantastic night clubs to help you connect with people for that flirtatious date. There is no need to visit dingy bars or clubs. Our online app provides the most informative lists of venues for the perfect meet. 

Paula and Raiford’s Disco 


VIP options and limo services make this place a must-go for anyone looking for a date and crazy night of drinks and dancing. 

Connect with peers for a night of safe and memorable fun. The décor and theme alone are enough to bring back memories. Disco lights and fantastic music are conducive to steamy raves.

Get your boogie on with some heart-pounding soul music. This downtown venue offers a contemporary setting, leather couches included. You can savor a few cocktails and relax on the sofas while sharing your intimacies with newly found friends. 

Classic Soulz


This club has a fantastic night planned for everyone on Thursdays. The crowd is grown folks only, so this is the best club to meet singles while in Memphis.

There is a VIP lounge with drinks to boot. However, you are advised to show up early on Saturdays because the patrons make this their main hangout for the weekend. 

A safe place for out-of-towners as well. The crowd may be large on some days, but the security makes it enjoyable for everyone. It is a fun place to get your groove on with sexy local singles. 

Mollie Fontaine Lounge


For some diverse and unadulterated fun, visit this lounge and experience the best that Memphis has to offer. To begin with, there is a food menu that leaves you with little space for more, except for drinks, of course. 

The context of this lounge is admirable. Whatever your sexual orientation or age may be, this spot attracts all kinds for a night to remember. It is open for business from 5 pm. till someone has to go to sleep. 

You will find it hard not to impress a young man or woman at this joint. Perhaps a knight will indulge you in a hearty shrimp meal before drowning you in drinks. 

Club 152 


Beale Street is Memphis’s renowned street for some epic clubbing and enticing meetups. At club 152, that reputation is greatly cemented. 

This club has three dance floors for your indulgences. The first floor, which is open every night, offers live music, alternating to a DJ spinning 70s music. 

The other levels run on weekends alone, with the same epic shows to boot. Inhibition may be let loose on this floor, to say the least. So, grab a mate of your own and make your desires known. 

Rumba Room 


The list would not be complete without some salsa inspired fun. Dancing to Latin tunes, this venue will get you to share a few moves with a potential soulmate. 

If this is your first time shaking your booty to salsa, there are free lessons offered on Friday and Saturday at 9.30 pm. Perfect time to link up with a sexy Memphis single and take it further for a date. 

Thursday night brings some hip-hop loving for the youth in all of us. The mood is bound to alternate to the West Coast swing on Fridays and Saturdays. 

This spot is open for all ages, on different nights. No matter your preferences, there is a day and event for you to meet that potential partner. 

Some of the Best Events for Singles in Memphis 

The Australian Pink Floyd Show


This is a tribute show that brings together the best performers playing tunes from another famous band. The music is always upbeat. In August, the group is set for a performance at the Graceland Soundstage in Memphis. 

Any fan of Pink Floyd will appreciate the closeness that these performers bring to the real thing. From vocals to the instrumentals, you will be left craving for an encore. 

The show utilizes lasers and other inflatables to bring an experience close to the original as possible. 

Single men and women can meet and experience these phenomenal performers for fun dates and Kodak moments. 

Deep Blues Festival 


Perhaps listening to the blues under skylight or daylight may bring you closer to a potential mate. Alternatively, if you do, in fact, have that mate, blues music is perfect as you flirt your way deeper into their heart. 

Two venues will host this event; The Shack Inn and New Roxy. Local benefactors hugely support this event. 

Five music events will be hosted, and the crowd, as always, promises to bring together singles from all across Memphis. Share the experience with your love or a new flame. 

There will be some Hill Country and Delta blues to get a better picture of the vibe to expect. 

Grab some boots and your charm. But before you head down, find accommodation and other amenities close by. It may be a long night for you and your partner. 

Brothers in Blue Golf Tournament


A night facilitated by the Memphis Police, this golf tournament brings together all demographics, with food and drinks to boot. 

There is also a silent auction and plenty of events for you to socialize with good-natured singles. 

It is an event that promotes healthy living and positive outlooks for youth. 

Singles who visit and participate are bound to strike a chord in your heart. 

Cannon Center 


A center for the performing arts, this location takes fun safety very seriously.

In September, join other Memphis singles for a night of the arts with a showcasing of Je’ Caryous’ Set it Off. 

For a more heart-warming and touching experience, why not attend Theresa Caputo’s show at the same venue this September. She is bound to make tickly your superstition nerve when she attempts to get in touch with those who have left us. 

It is clear that this venue promises to be a memorable visit for all people. Grab a friend or simply show up to meet lovely singles in your area. 

Fun Places to Visit in Memphis for a Fun Date 

Golf and Games Family Park 


Bring out the inner child in you (and your partner) at this venue for different games and arcades. 

Perhaps the best spot to make merry in Memphis, you can partake in some bumper boating fun or swing each other using the sky-trail leash. 

When it comes to first dates or any dates for that matter, there is always a need for a nice environment to set the mood. This park lets you hang out with no inhibitions or shame for loving what you did as a kid.