Fun Date Night Ideas for Lovers in Tulsa


Tulsa is a great city that is located on the Arkansas River and between the Ozark Mountains and Osage Hills. There are many dating spots in Tulsa, and we highlight some of the places you can try based on your budget, whether it’s the first date or subsequent dates, and your preference for fun and romantic places for dating with Tulsa singles.

Lots of people who visit Tulsa are concerned that they may not fit in because it is considered a redneck city. However, most people out of town have found it an easy place to adjust and have met and dated their partners in the city. The city doesn’t exactly fit the Southern stereotypes, and you will meet and date someone there. Once you meet someone in Tulsa, you will be looking for ideal locations for your dates. This article informs you about some of the most recommended places to take your date in the city.

Activities for First Date Ideas for New Lovers in Tulsa

First dates can be hectic to plan, especially for the men. You have to look for something good enough for both of you. For most ladies, they prefer the first date to be in public places, for obvious reasons. Appropriate first date ideas must, therefore, cater to the needs of both parties. We give you recommendations of the best places that are perfect for the first date in Tulsa, and we start with Nordaggio’s Coffee.

Nordaggio’s Coffee

It would be the perfect place for the first date if both of you love coffee. If you also want to impress a true coffee lover, this is the place for you in Tulsa. The coffee at this place is out of this world. The cozy and inviting location is also amazing, so you will have everything going in your favor. There are several options for seating. There is the fireplace seating area and leader couches.

One of the most important features of this coffee place is its good environment for conversations. The first date is when you try to know each other as much as possible, and this place provides you the perfect environment to do that.

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Bistro At Seville

Bistro At Seville, like the name suggests, is located inside the shops of Seville. It is easily accessible and a good place to meet on short notice. The service and menu offered at this place are fantastic.

Catch a Movie

A movie night is not a bad idea for the first date in Tulsa. You can also watch it during the day, depending on your preference and schedule. There are many movie theatres to choose from in the city. Perhaps one of the factors to consider is the location, especially if you are going to watch the movie at night. If you are looking for discounts, you can try Cinemark, which offers discounts on Tuesdays. At only $3, you can watch a movie.

The Pint on Cherry Street

People who prefer a bar type of scene for the first date should try The Pint on Cherry Street. The place has a laid back vibe that is good to keep your conversation going with no much distractions. They also have nice food at affordable rates. If you want to continue with the evening Happy Hour after dinner, go for it.

Tulsa Performing Arts Centre

Explore the arts and culture scene at the Tulsa Performing Arts Centre. The center hosts a variety of shows which you can attend for your first date. It also has entertainment attractions like national headliners, Broadway-caliber productions, symphony, and much more.

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Cool Fun Date Ideas for Singles in Tulsa

A fun date is one that involves something out of the ordinary. For example, instead of meeting for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, how about you play a game. If you are looking for fun date ideas in Tulsa, you have come to the right place.

Play Retro Arcade Game

Go on full Retro mode at Tulsa is a great city that is located on the Arkansas River and between the Ozark Mountains and Osage Hills. There are many dating spots in Tulsa, and we highlight some of the places you can try based on your budget, whether it’s the first date or subsequent dates, and your preference for fun and romantic places for your date.

The Max Retropub.

Engaging in this activity will take you way back to the 80s and 90s and is one of the best ways to have fun with your date. This place has the right ambiance for this experience and has enough activities popular in the 80s and 90s. Some of the activities you can engage in include playing pinball machines and shooting out the Space Invaders at the arcade machines.

Tulsa Boxyard

Tulsa Boxyard was built entirely from shipping containers, bringing in its own unique charm and character. This community area has many restaurants, shops, and cafes, making it a perfect place for a date night. The locals own most businesses there, and you will be welcomed with a lot of warmth. The night in this area comes with a pleasing ambiance, and you can go to the rooftop bar and enjoy the fresh air.

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Create Art at Pinot Palette’s Paint and Sip

One of the best ways to have fun with your date is to try something new together. Let out your creative side and try some painting at Pinot Palette’s. Create artworks on the canvas while sipping beer or wine. Both of you will enjoy the ambiance of the session. You will meet lots of other curious people at the place ready to bring on their creative side.

Grab a Drink with the View at Roof Sixty-Six Rooftop Bar

A drink in a bar or club doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary. But if a beautiful view comes into the picture, then this is not your typical date idea. You can enjoy beautiful views as you enjoy your drinks at Roof Sixty-Six rooftop Bar. The pleasant ambiance is one to remember, and you will definitely come back to this spot.

River Parks

The River Parks is another great location for fun activities with your date. It is where you will find the city’s largest collection of wildlife bronze sculptures. You can eat along the Waterfront Grill, Elwoods, Blue Rose Cafe, and other locations. You can also take hikes together at Turkey Mountain and have spectacular views of the river while at it.

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Romantic Date Ideas to Express Your Love in Tulsa

You can never go short of romantic date ideas in Tulsa, especially with the places we are about to let you know about. These venues have the right ambiance for romantic dates. Explore them, and you will have memorable dates.


Not any restaurant provides the environment or ambiance needed for a romantic date night. At Amelia’s, you will be served with innovative and creative wood-fired cuisine. The place has a dining room concept, giving you and your date the home away from home vibe as you enjoy your dinner. You will also have the opportunity to see how the chefs at Amelia’s work their magic to craft spectacular menus for their customers.

Amelia’s has wide options for drinks. Wine would be perfect for a romantic date, and they have many options from local and international wineries.

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Art Exhibition at ahha Tulsa

There are some good options for a romantic date for people who love art in Tulsa. One of the best places you can go to is ahha Tulsa. You will see many exhibitions and works of many artists at this location. A more romantic idea for the two of you is signing up for classes at the place. Or you can just opt for a date night at the gallery to see unique and quirky artworks.

Watch Indie Films at Circle Cinema

A great romantic date night idea could involve going out to the movies and watching something unique. There are lots of options in terms of genres, and a love story might be the perfect fit for your romantic night. Circle Cinema is a popular date spot for this type of movie — indie films.

A Walk along the River

Is there anything more romantic than walking along the shores of a large water body? In Tulsa, you can walk along the river with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be a romantic walk or a bike ride, whichever suits you. The Tulsa Riverwalk is perfect because of the nice kept trails along the Arkansas River. You can stop at restaurants and shops along the walk if you need anything.

It is a perfect romantic plan for people who love nature. If you don’t have a bike or don’t want to carry one, you can always rent from many city stations.

Gathering Place

It is an amazing park where you can take your date and have some great romantic moments. There are lots of activities that you and your date can engage in while at the park.

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Take Your Lover to These Places for a Cheap Date in Tulsa

Planning a date should not be stressful just because you don’t have enough money. There are plenty of options that are either free or affordable. If you live in Tulsa and look for something on a low budget, these cheap date ideas are for you. Although some of these places are not free, the fees charged are low compared to similar venues elsewhere that might be considered high end.

Go and See Animals

One of the cheapest date ideas in any town or city is visiting the zoo to see animals. You and your date can have fun while interacting with exotic animals in the zoo in Tulsa. There is also an aquarium which you can visit. The zoo, in particular, is a great spot because of the many areas suitable for picnics. After eating, you and your date can take a stroll as you make way from the giraffes and elephants.

The Farm Life

No money for a date? How about visiting the local farmer’s market if you love the ambiance of farm life? Check out the different tables and crafts and enjoy the experience. You don’t have to buy anything. There are cheap or affordable options for you, though. For example, you and your date can taste authentic honey that is harvested locally near Tulsa.


Tulsa has a few good gardens that provide lovers with affordable locations for their dates. A good example is the Tulsa Botanic Garden. You can also try the Philbrook Art Museum. The gardens and exhibits at the Philbrook Art Museum make for a perfect location for a romantic date. Like anywhere else, most of the gardens in Tulsa are either free or cheap.

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Grab Some Coffee

A coffee date is not expensive, especially if you find the perfect places that fit your budget. Many coffee shops in the city will fit your budget yet give you the right environment for conversations with your date.

Away from the coffee, a café you can try is Shuffles: Board Game Café for fun games with your date. It is also a good opportunity to meet other people. And it is the place to show off your tricking skills and strategies. The place also offers karaoke nights on Thursdays.

Tulsa Art Crawl

It is the perfect plan for lovers of art in the city. Get an opportunity to see local artists in the city on the first Friday of every month. It is a great venue to go and please your eyes if you fancy artworks.

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