Should I Get Back with my Ex?

thinking woman

The Split Was a Quick Decision

It is often the case where people break up because of attitudes and egos. It is common for people to throw everything away, especially where the relationship is good instead of sticking at it and working things out. These breakups are made on a rash decision and are never thought through. You may find yourself breaking up and getting back together but if you are splitting up over small things then you should think about getting back with them and working hard at the relationship.

The Relationship Was Good

This is not about the beginning of the relationship where everything is a bit of a fairy tale because this does not define a solid relationship. A good relationship is formed on an understanding and honesty as well as trust and respect. Did you relationship have all of these? If so, how would you rate them? If you thought they were all there in abundance then you can safely say that the relationship was good and so, getting back together could be an option.

You Have a Child

This may seem a little extreme but it does happen and splitting up can be difficult for any child. Therefore, if there is a glimmer of hope that you will get back together then do it. It has to be worth a shot but if the relationships was abusive or the vibe was really, really bad then it is definitely worth separating permanently.

A Split because of Circumstances

Did you split up with your ex because one of you were moving away for work or study? Perhaps the thought of a long-distance relationship left you feeling deflated or you tried it but it didn’t work. If circumstances have changed then you should consider getting back together, particularly if things are back to how they were before the change in circumstances.

Everyone Thinks You Should Get Back Together

It is common for friends and family to tell you to forget about them and move on but this is not always the right advice. However, if they tell you that you should attempt to work things out then you probably should consider trying to save the relationship. Your friends or family do have some insight into how you were as a couple and so, you should consider listening to them because it won’t do any harm to try and work things out.

The Relationship Has Potential

This is where you will really have to think hard about the relationship particularly if you are still in love with them. This is because being in love will give you a blinkered view on what the reality actually is. However, if you truly believe that the relationship has potential and you can see yourself back with your ex, then why not get in touch with them and try to work things out? In contrast to this, do not spend all of your time chasing them. Try and work things out once and if things are not smoothed over then it is time to move on. It is common for false hope to keep you hanging on to something that will never be when in reality all you are doing is wasting time and energy trying to get back with them.