Check Our Our Dating Guide for Memphis Singles


When you live in Memphis, learn how to use online dating networks like to match with potential partners. Practice flirting in our chat rooms or via email and build a rapport with users you like. This holds true for men and women regardless of the kind of partner you desire. Finally, plan dates that will help you get to the second and third date stages with a fun person. We discuss all these steps and more in our how-to guide below and offer date ideas in Memphis that will help you out when you are in a pinch. Before trying these ideas, be sure to take these preliminary steps:

  • Create a profile with a cool screen name using your real age and marital status. If you distort your stats, singles whom you meet in real life will doubt your trustworthiness. Being honest is vital!
  • Upload pics of yourself having fun.
  • Include diverse hobbies and interests. If you have special talents or accomplishments, list those details sparingly. People will want to know you better if you invest your time in creating a complete profile.

How to Find Singles and Get to Dating

Before you worry about date ideas, join the flirting network that makes it easy to connect with other people in this part of Tennessee. If you create a profile and start messaging other singles, you will quickly see if there are shared interests. The alternative is hanging out in bars and nightclubs like The Lamplighter or hitting street festivals, coffee shops, and bookstores. But you could waste a lot of money on sweet beverages and entertainment. The latter two ideas might also take a long time to help you find a suitable match. You might get some smiles or brief conversations from the attractive strangers you meet along the way, but they might not be looking for dating. They might also be married or in relationships and turned off by any conversation that includes flirting.

Your best bet is to go online and sort through local singles’ profiles until you find people who capture your attention. Then, start chatting with them and see where it goes! A conversation starts with introducing yourself and asking a question or sharing something unique about yourself. Give each user of interest a chance to respond. Keep chatting with the ones who respond often and seem to be warming up to you.

What to Text in Chat With Other Singles in Memphis

It is easy to click on a user profile and like her picture. If you are new to online dating, then it's harder to know what to text her or how to send a first date text. If you start with a flirt text, you can work from there. Here are some ideas for the first round of chatting:

  • Write a thoughtful opener and sign it with your real name. Keep it short and sweet and positive.
  • Monitor your inbox or chat feature on our dating site to find contacts from other users. If you respond timely, then they know you are interested in them as individuals.
  • Ask a question about another user that will not seem creepy when coming from a total stranger. It could be about her photo, hobby, essay, or profile name.
  • Be careful that you don't say too much about what you are looking for or that might scare her off. For example, our dating site might have a place where you can say you want to find someone for a serious relationship or marriage, but bringing it up would feel like too much pressure in the early stages of chatting.
  • Don't ask too many questions. You can steer these early chats in safe directions, such as talking about sports or local events. You can keep the user interacting with you by avoiding too much interviewing or sharing.
  • Keep it positive. While it's fine to advise new users, you want to keep conversations upbeat and go in the right direction towards meeting in real life.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with a user who keeps messaging you, there is the option to block her so you can focus on the best matches.

First Date Tips in Memphis

You need a good first date idea that will help you and your potential partner meet in a relaxed atmosphere and continue the conversation. While there will definitely be some checking each other out to reveal if there is any chemistry, there can also be fun! It's important to be yourself and help her feel at ease!

Check out these tips in our first date guide to take the pressure off. Keep the conversation light and watch her body language. Remember to take her seriously and help her enjoy the experience so she will want to see you again. Here's what you can do:

  • Suggest a date idea such as grabbing a drink at a dive bar, like Murphy's or listening to a Levitt Shell concert. A small venue is usually a more relaxed place to talk to someone unless the acoustics are bad.
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  • Don't expect to spend too long at the first meetup. Some ladies prefer that you have a coffee or drinks and appetizers at a non-peak time, keeping the whole date to under two hours. This provides enough time to get a sense of the potential connection without making her feel like she must maintain a long conversation.
  • Follow up with a text after the first date the same night or the next day. She might be hoping for a kiss after the first date, but tread lightly.
  • Save time to see her again for another meeting. This may be hard if she is a single mom or works a weird schedule.

Second Date Advice - Take Dating to the Next Level

The second date is a better test of your compatibility. Congratulations once you've gotten the meet-and-greet out of the way. She must be okay with your looks and be anxious to know more about you. She has agreed to hang out again, and it's time to change things up. We like these second date ideas in Memphis:

  • Take her to the National Ornamental Metal Museum. When there is a hands-on experience, there will be plenty of things to talk about. This idea could take a few hours on a Saturday or even after work.
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  • Check out a Redbirds Game. Baseball is an American pastime that never goes out of style. Believe it or not, you can get tickets for less than ten bucks each. You should still have money left for hot dogs or veggie burgers.
  • Pack a picnic basket and a bottle of wine and head for Shelby Farms Park. If you have a large blanket, then your date can sit anywhere she feels comfortable. Watch out for ants!

There are some conversation topics you certainly want to avoid. Stay away from subjects like politics, religion, and sexuality. If your date decides to bring up where she goes for worship or talks about her family, please be a good listener. Don't judge her or feel like you have to discuss your own beliefs.

Third Date Tips - Let's Seal the Deal!

This is your chance to seal the deal. First, you don't want to lose the momentum you were building on the first two dates. Use these third date tips and keep the conversation flowing and drinks may be necessary:

  • Offer her a choice of restaurants based on earlier discussions. She might like a chain restaurant like Olive Garden, or she might prefer a local haunt like Upstairs at Earnestine and Hazel's.
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  • Pick a different idea that will help her understand your interests. It could be ethnic food or an obscure art gallery.
  • Monitor the conversation because it can start to get more intense. You've already covered the preliminaries, and you might be taking your time to explore the chemistry. Some women are really shy, and they are hoping you will wait for them to give a signal before you show affection. Watch for cues like she's touching her hair, sitting closer to you, or holding your hand. She might be ready for a kiss at the end of this meeting!
  • Decide whether to discuss your goals for a relationship. Some ladies want kids or don't want kids. Some will tolerate recreational drugs, smoking, or social drinking. Some only want to get married, and others might agree to live together.
  • Take time and have fun on your dates in Memphis.