Thinking About Dating a Quiet Girl?

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A quiet or shy girl is the one who will be in one corner reading a book or scrolling her phone. She is usually not surrounded by many friends but is surrounded by books or devices. If you are in love with such a girl, you need to do certain things to impress her. Unlike other girls, she won’t be easy because she is timid and will not quickly open up to you..

Dating such a girl can prove challenging because you are not sure whether she likes you. Here we will discuss a few problems you will face while dating a shy girl and coping with those problems!

Reasons Behind Shy Girls and How to Overcome Related Issues

Sometimes some women are just shy with strangers because they don’t know how they will be judged. But they will be better once they get to know you. Others are shy because of their past. Also, there is some pathological shyness like autism where they have problems in social gatherings. Here are a few more reasons why some girls are shy:


The bullying culture in some countries like the US and UK is so strong that it can shape your entire personality. Bullying, because of looks, fat, or any small reason, can lead to the girl becoming lonely and remaining within herself. Since everybody at the school or college knows, she doesn’t have anybody to talk to. For such girls, it eventually becomes difficult to approach someone. She finds things (not people) that make her happy.

Tip: The best tip with a girl who has undergone years of bullying will be to make her feel comfortable, so:

  • Show her that you are there for her. Appear in public with her without any regrets.
  • The best thing to do will be to defend her when someone passes a comment at her.
  • When she knows that you will stand up for her, she will realize her self-worth and become confident.

Additionally, don’t ask her again and again about her previous experiences. Once she becomes comfortable, she will just let it out slowly.

Orthodox Families

Certain families put their orthodox principles at the highest priority. Growing up in such a family, she never spoke to boys or any stranger. Sometimes, a girl doesn't know how to make friends, and she is pretty afraid of romantic relationships. The parents have a huge influence over such girls. Therefore, it will be difficult to open up and continue dating if you like such a girl. The main emotion is fear that has to be overpowered.

Tip: In such cases, all you need to do is talk to them. They will be so scared that she might take a few days to talk to you. She thinks it is a sin to talk or even flirt with strangers, so:

  • Just be a friend at first.
  • You might even want to take her to your home and show how your family is (if your family is cool and friendly).
  • In case you have felt the same restrictions, you can talk to her about them. There will be something in common to talk about.
  • Within no time, she will be laughing loudly with you.

Never Had a Boyfriend

Not knowing what to do in a relationship makes them shy in front of you. They might be confident with others. It is common for shy girls not to have a previous boyfriend because she was never noticed. She does not know what to say or how to act with boys. She might seem awkward, and therefore, she will try to avoid you at all costs.

Tip: If you like her, you should make a move. She is too timid and scared to even admit to herself that she likes you. Therefore, she would never make a move. If you are not sure whether she is interested in you or not, you might want to text her. She will never confront you in public. Texting is the best way to talk to shy girls.

Scared of Sex

Quiet girls could never have any sexual interactions or similar experience. Some might know what sex is; others might not even know about it. Also, parents or the internet stories could play their part in scaring her to never talk about it. They might think that dating must end in sex, which is why they are scared of dating.

Tip: Talk to her about sex. At least you should tell her that no one will force her to have sex unless she wants to. Also, you should:

  • Tell her that date just means getting to know each other. It does not have to end with sex or anything remotely close to sex.
  • Tell her that it is important to talk about sex with anyone she feels comfortable with. Maybe she has a friend with whom she talks about everything.

How to Flirt with a Shy Girl

Flirting is an art, and not everybody is good at it. If you are interested in a not-so-popular girl, make sure your flirting is subtle and sweet. Here are a few points:

1. Spend time together

With such girls, all you need is time. Try to spend a lot of your time roaming around with her. Just walking across the block for an ice-cream or walking home together can be fruitful.

Tip: Walking and talking is the best therapy for a closed up girl. Her defenses are always high up. When she sees you are putting in efforts and sharing your secrets, she will also open up slowly.

2. Don’t say you are shy

The more you say the obvious, the more irritating it will become. She has probably heard it from many people, which is the last thing she wants to hear. Tell her something different.

Tip: Compliment her about her smile and the other talents that she has. Let her know that you see past the flaws. You must also tell her that although she is withdrawn, she is confident in her way.

3. Be normal

If you want her guard to be down, you have to be defenseless too. It is scary, but it is the right thing to do. Then you would understand how she feels. Be yourself when you are around her.

Tip: You can be childish and act foolishly around her. She will see that you trust her. Therefore, he will also open up and be herself around you.

Final Thoughts

Most of the women who are withdrawn are amazing in relationships. They are loyal, funny, and have lots of stories to share. You can be sure about an amazing relationship that is going to come your way. Also, some shy girls might talk less. That is your type, right! Silent and understanding. Go and date her right away with these tips.

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