5 Top Tips on How to Survive a Breakup

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Knowing how to get through a break up of a long term relationship can be tough. Breakups are hard, whether you were the one to call things off or you’ve just got dumped. However the split played out, it’s natural to find yourself feeling upset and confused. After all, if you cared for someone and connected with them on a deeper level, you’re likely to feel a void in your life now they’re no longer around. You probably just want to retreat from the world until you’ve recovered from the heartache. Getting over someone is hard to do, but there are ways you can speed up the healing process. Here’s our top tips on how to survive a break-up and finally move on with your life.

How to survive a breakup

Whatever the circumstances of a split, feelings of sadness and confusion are to be expected. Whether it’s a 10-year relationship break up, or you’ve been dumped after a few months, it’s natural to feel upset and lost after parting ways with someone you care about. Someone that was once a big part of your life is suddenly no longer around, and that can hurt. We’ve compiled some break up tips to help you deal with the pain and stay positive after a relationship has ended.

Consider why it ended, but don’t obsess!

It’s important to try and understand why the relationship broke down. Gaining clarity about why things ended can help you to learn from mistakes, preparing you for a more successful future relationship. Be honest with yourself about what went wrong, even if it’s hard. Could you have done things differently? If so, accept this and move on. There’s no point in harbouring feelings of blame or punishing yourself. Try not to obsess over why your relationship ended.

Put some space between you for a while

If you want to know how to stay positive after a breakup, it’s important to put some space between you for a while. Whilst you may want to remain friends with your ex, this isn’t always the best idea in the initial stages of a split. Space can benefit you both mentally and emotionally, giving you a chance to deal with what’s happened and work out how you want to move forward. If you’re still seeing each other all the time, it can be difficult to move on. You may find yourself being pulled back together again and into each other’s beds. Agree to have some space for a while to process what happened between you.

Occupy yourself with other projects

If you have too much time to think about your ex and why your relationship ended, you’ll find it difficult to deal with the break-up pain. That’s why you need to occupy with yourself with other projects and hobbies. Rather than staying in bed and eating ice cream whilst you reminisce, keep yourself busy instead. Arrange to see your friends or start a new activity that you’ve always wanted to try. Distracting yourself from thinking about your ex can be very helpful when it comes to surviving a breakup.

Take care of your physical wellbeing

Your physical wellbeing can take a serious hit after a breakup. Feelings of sadness, loneliness and even depression can leave you reaching for junk food and waving your gym routine goodbye. You probably won’t be getting much sleep either, especially if your mind is filled with obsessive thoughts of your ex. It’s important to eat healthily and regularly. Instead of eating convenience food or skipping meals, try to eat wholesome foods that are balanced in nutrients. You should also try to be active as much as possible every day. Exercise can produce plenty of endorphins, which you’ll be seriously lacking in the days and weeks after a breakup.

Don’t rush into a new relationship

As you’re busy Googling ‘How to get over a long term relationship’ or ‘how to be strong after a break up’, you may find yourself falling for someone new. Whilst rebound relationships can be a welcome distraction at the time, they’re unlikely to last, particularly if you’re not yet over your ex. You may find yourself getting hurt all over again, and you’re likely to hurt the other person in the process too. You may be scared of being alone, especially if you were part of a couple for a long time. But you don’t need someone to fill the gap that your ex has left. Get used to being on your own and loving yourself again before you enter a new relationship.

How to get over a long term relationship

Hopefully, these break up tips from our breakup guide will help you to help you to heal in the days, weeks and months after your relationship has ended. There are few things in life more hurtful than a relationship breakdown, but it is possible to move on and start enjoying life again. Occupy yourself with friends and hobbies, take care of yourself and put some space between you and your partner. Do this and those feelings of hurt and loneliness won’t hang around too long.