How to Break Up with Someone Without Being Mean


Breaking up with someone is never easy. There are, however, reasons to break up with someone. If you know a relationship will, ultimately, not make you, or your partner, happy, then it’s time to break-up. If you keep going it’s only a charade if you don’t like them and wasted time if you feel they don’t like you, or aren’t willing to have the kind of relationship you’d like.

Of course, if you are with a person you are truly attracted to, you should really evaluate if breaking up with them is the right thing to do, but once you’ve tried everything to save the relationship and it’s failed, then it’s time to leave.

So how to break up with someone you love? Well, you need to be honest. You need to tell them as soon as possible that you don’t feel it’s going to work out and that you’d like to go separate ways. Not because you don’t like them, but because you don’t feel it’s a match. By the end of the day, love is about finding a match; a heart and soul connection, as well as a physical connection. It’s not because someone isn’t great, or they did something wrong that you don’t like them, it’s because it’s not a match.

Often people feel there’s something wrong with them, or something missing in them if someone breaks up with them. If you explain it’s that you don’t feel that there is a connection heart, soul and body, then it’s easier to make them understand. They’re great, they’re just not for you. Or if it’s because you want different things in life, then that’s simple enough to explain.

If you wonder how to break up with someone you live with, then the same thing applies. As that’s a bigger shift it’s important you make them aware that you feel something isn’t right and you want to give it one last shot before you simply tell them it isn’t going to work. Of course, if something drastic happened over night, then you can leave over night, but if you want to save their feelings, then prepare them.

Some people wonder about how to break up with someone over text. They somehow feel it’s easier to do it with a text than in person. Here’s the thing – people won’t see it as a way of saving their feelings if you break up with them over text. Unless it’s someone you’ve dated for less than a week, do it in person. Show you care enough to show up, even if it’s hard for you.

If you want to save someone’s feelings it’s also important that you cut the strings. Don’t leave someone hoping that you will come back. Often people start fighting for a relationship if they fear losing it, or think they have lost it. That’s why it’s important to do the “one last try” to see that it isn’t just that you both have gotten lazy where the relationship is concerned, but rather that it simply isn’t a match. Once you do leave, make a clean cut. Sure you can be friends if you feel it’s fizzled out into a friendship, but don’t say you need time away to think if you know you aren’t coming back. If you do need time away to think, then sure, say so, but don’t think that’s a lesser blow. If anything it might leave them hoping for something which will never happen, as opposed to them letting go and moving forward.