How to Create Magnetic Attraction in Your Relationship

man hugs woman

In the beginning, all relationships are sunshine and rainbows, but once the passion dies you, will start questioning your relationship. Don’t worry, everyone goes through this phase and you can definitely keep the spark alive in your relationship. To keep the passion alive, you need to build a relationship that helps you connect and complement each other. So, let’s see how you can make that happen.

Find Your Own Goals and Ambitions

Before you define the goals for your relationship, define your own goals first. What do you want from yourself? What are your ambitions and future plans? When you are pursuing your goals and dreams, you will be happy and content with life. Because if a person is not happy with him/herself, how can he make someone else happy? So, if your relationship is at a standstill, reflect on yourself first.

This doesn’t mean that until you have earned a million dollars and bought your dream house in Miami, you will stay celibate. All you need is to get on the right track of pursuing your goals. This way, you know you are getting somewhere you want to and your personal issues won’t be jeopardizing your relationship.

Help Your Partner with Their Goals and Ambitions

Now that you are on the right track, make sure your partner is too. Sometimes, the passion and magnetic attraction go away and you can’t figure out why. Couples fail to realize that while they are on the right track for achieving their personal goals, their partners aren’t. Instead of ending the relationship, a better way is to help your partner find what they want from life. Your passions could be polar opposites but to make your relationship work, you have to be supportive. Coach them through their problems and if needed, give them their space.

You will find that once he/she has started pursuing their dream, they will automatically resume the much-needed passion your relationship needs. When they see how committed and understanding you have been through this process, they will feel an automatic magnetic attraction towards you.

Spice Up Your Relationship

Not just in bed (although that wouldn’t hurt your chances) but in your everyday routine. Get out of your everyday boring rituals and do something fun together. If your normal date nights consist of a fancy dinner and a movie, jazz it up a little. Watch a movie at a drive-in or eat takeout food by the beach. Do fun activities together, go traveling and make memories. Spending fun times together will significantly strengthen your relationship and you will be in a place where being without each other is nigh on impossible.

Be Open with Your Partner

Communicating with your beloved is the most important thing to keep your relationship strong. Carrying emotional baggage will only set you up for failure. Discuss your personal and relationship issues and also encourage your partner to open up. This way, whatever troubles you are facing can be mutually solved.

Being an open book to your partner will create magnetic attraction like no other!