Useful Dating Guide for Singles in Bakersfield


For single adults, there is lots of free time to pursue your interests. However, if you are spending evenings alone, you might wish for a new romantic partner. If you're new to the area or have lived in this part of California for years, you are in the norm if you need help finding love. Fortunately, online dating makes it easy to match like-minded singles in your neighborhood and discuss what you seek in a long-term relationship. You can even plan to meet up when it's convenient. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Finding a good long-term relationship starts with listing your must-haves for a partner (i.e., she doesn't want children, has a job, and owns a car).
  • Work on yourself, including taking trips and completing DIY projects so you will be ready for the time commitment of a new relationship.

How to Find Singles in Bakersfield

We know hitting the club scene is one way to check out the beautiful single women in Bakersfield, but you might not find a good match for a serious relationship where alcohol is served. It pays to join organizations in the community where other people will be interacting in similar ways. You might want to find a new place of worship, join a social club, change fitness facilities, or work in a different part of town. The goal is to challenge yourself to expand your social network and meet new people. Try new interests such as joining an evening painting class or a community theatre group. You can sit at the bookstore every Saturday, but your soulmate might be working at the children's museum. If you conduct a wide search and step out of your comfort zone, it is possible to attract a new love interest in real life.

Chat with Local Singles

It's usually faster to create a profile and upload your details to a dating website like ours. This is a community where local singles joined to find each other and chat about their shared interests, discuss their hopes and dreams, and, at times, reveal their desires for a long-term situation. Starting online chats beats sitting in a bar or club and feeling alone. You can talk to many users or a few users. If you aren't sure what to text her, bear in mind that you should focus on quality over quantity. The girl who is messaging you back daily and seems interested is the one you should reward with a first date text. On the other hand, you could send a flirt text to the most beautiful woman on the site, and she might not reply. If you keep the conversations going with friendly users, you will find more dates. Here are ways to keep the chats going strong so she won't lose interest before you ask her to meet:

  • Start with a joke or a fun fact about yourself.
  • Ask her what she was doing in one of her profile pictures. Be sure to compliment her on that picture.
  • Ask her to describe her dream vacation. Tell her the budget is $10,000, and the trip will last up to 7 days.
  • Tell her to detail her perfect evening for two. Save this email so you can use it later.

First Date Ideas That Will Impress

Every woman can appreciate a man who has nice manners and pays her special attention. We hope you have been paying attention to the things this new girl has been sharing about herself during your online chats. If you are fresh out of date ideas, keep reading our first date guide! We have scoured the Wichita area to find ways you can succeed when meeting dating prospects. It is possible to have a good time and get to know her without breaking your budget. These two outings will get the job done:

  • Finding the perfect meeting spot is a challenge, but make a good first impression by chatting over drinks at The Old Fashioned Social Drinkery, which is known for its extensive whiskey selection. After she gets very relaxed, she might permit a kiss after the first date.
  • old-fashioned-dating-ideas
  • Try a quieter conversation VIP Lounge, which has a jukebox and dive bar charm. If she wants to dance, be ready!
  • vip-lounge-dating-ideas
  • Look up which sports bar has trivia night in her part of town. She may have a tight schedule and want to keep this first date night short.
  • Don't forget to send a text after the first date, so she knows you're into her!

Second Date Ideas for Finding Love

When you are glad the first date is over and thinking of how to keep the momentum going, don't worry! Finding things to chat about with your new friend is stressful, and that's why we have fresh second date ideas in Bakersfield. Unlike other men, you don't have to be in control. Ask her if there is a place, she wants to try an activity or a meal. Then, these options for romantic meetings are handy, but, remember, date night should be fun:

  • This is your chance to show off your vino knowledge by taking her for an excursion with Central Wine Tours. You might need to save this fabulous tour for the weekend. If her work schedule makes it hard to fit in, save it for a future date.
  • Let your guard down during a single or double kayak adventure with Kern River Tours. Going outdoors and enjoying yourself will help your new love interest see a more playful side of you. Cook a meal for her at your place. If she is nervous about this idea, give her your full name and address ahead of time so she can share that with a friend. The goal is to make her feel safe.
  • kern-river-tours-dating-ideas
  • Take a walk around the shopping mall and explore things you might buy if you were redecorating your home.
    • Girls Love These Trendy Third Date Ideas!

      We are so glad you have met a friendly female and taken her out on two successful dates. She might be your next girlfriend. She is attracted to something about you if she agrees to hang out again. These third date tips will show her how much you are into her if you don't know what to do on a third date:

      • Go shopping for a new outfit and take time to memorize a romantic poem. You are going to dress to impress and invite her to a nice dinner for two at Luigi's Restaurant. If she is not sure what to wear, tell her to choose her favorite cocktail dress. Then, wear dress pants and a button-down shirt, but the blazer is optional. Choose the perfect moment to recite your love poem.
      • luigis-restaurant-dating-ideas
      • Take her to the Bakersfield Museum of Art and listen to a guided tour. Grab coffee and dessert after and talk about the works of art you both loved and hated.
      • bakersfield-museum-of-art-dating-ideas
      • You can't go wrong with a romantic dinner at La Costa Marsico’s, but she must love seafood! Either restaurant is perfect for enjoying before or after a movie or a live performance. If she likes art, visit a gallery or public exhibit before dinner.
      • la-costa-marsicos-dating-ideas

      Finding love starts with being receptive to new experiences. With online dating, expand your horizons and match with other singles when you have free time!