These Long Beach Date Night Ideas Will Blow Your Mind


Long Beach, California, has a vibrant social life that makes it possible for local singles to mingle. From the bars and nightclubs to the city’s major attractions, you can always meet someone if you want to. But the question is where to take them for a date, especially if you are new in the city and don’t know the cool places for a date. This article highlights some of the best dating spots in Long Beach, therefore giving you options.

Whether it’s the first date, second or third date, or any type of date in between relationships, these places are ideal for having fun, great drinks, and meals, as well as providing opportunities for adventures for the adrenalin junkies.

Check These Amazing First Date Ideas in Long Beach

The first date is supposed to create an impression. And you will not do it by going to nondescript restaurants - you must try something unique. Lucky for you, there are more than enough first date ideas in Long Beach.

Comedy Night

Spend your first date with lots of laughter in any of the Long Beach comedy clubs. A good place for your first try is the Long Beach Terrace Theatre, which hosts many shows. Another good spot for laughs is the Laugh Factory, which hosts shows from Wednesday through Sunday nights.


The Queen Mary is another great place with monthly comedy shows dubbed Ships & Giggles Comedy nights at the hotel’s Observation Bar. Grab a meal at any of the restaurants as you wait for the show, which usually starts at 8 pm.

Try Italian Delights

Be adventurous and try some Italian culture with your new catch. Among the options you have is the Gondola Getaway that takes you through a cruise of the Naples Canals. Romantic Italian songs will entertain you as you float beneath the bridges — what a great moment and place to steal a kiss.

Once the cruise is over, continue with your Italian vibe by going to Domenico’s, one of the oldest restaurants in Long Beach. You can order Italian classics at this restaurant.


Spend an Afternoon on the Water

You can enjoy lots of water sports and adventures at Long Beach, being a coastal city. You will find water bikes, Jet Skis, Duffy Boats, Kayaks, and paddleboards waiting for you in any places that provide these entertainment and sporting activities in the city. Choose any of these activities and spend the time with your girl or new boyfriend on the water as you soak in the sunshine. You can carry your lunch box if you want to rent a Duffy and cruise through the Rainbow Harbor or Alamitos Bay.


Check the Arts

There are five art museums in the city. The Long Beach Museum of Arts has dreamy views worth your time. There is also The Museum of Latin American Art, which has free admissions on Sundays — from 11 am to 5 pm. You can take Instagram-worthy photos at the museum’s sculpture garden.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the best places you can take someone for the first date in the city. If you want to avoid crowds, try the Night Dive events. These are adult-only events with entertainment from local bands playing next to the fish and DJs spinning from the Aquarium’s galleries. You can also enjoy cocktails and drinks, tasty bites from food trucks, and inspiring works of art.


Try These Activities for Fun Date Ideas in Long Beach

There is no shortage of fun in Long Beach. What do you expect from a city with one of the largest shipping ports in the world, lots of getaway locations, many waterfront attractions, and sunny weather? With all these establishments and attractions, the list of fun date ideas in the city is endless.

Rancho Los Alamitos

It is one of the best locations to take your date and take a stroll along the gardens, providing the perfect opportunity for conversations. It is also a nice place for Instagram photos with the beautiful scenery located behind CSULB campus. This Ranch is open to the public from Wednesday through Sunday - from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Signal Hill Park

It is one place with a view to die for. You will literally be viewing the city in front of you as you have a good time with your date. The panoramic view makes this location one of the best iconic parks in the city. You can also make use of the paved walking paths, public restrooms, and available picnic tables. BBQ pits for grilling are also available.


Pine Avenue Restaurant and Bars

Are you looking for a great walking spot along the waters? You will like Pine Avenue for sure. This place is quiet and relaxing during the day — the nightlife beams with loud clubs and bars. You can explore several options there, including Water’s Edge Winery, Café Seville, The Federal, Pine Street Pub, and more. If you have always been looking for the perfect night out on a Friday or Saturday, Pine Avenue Street has everything for you to enjoy the night.

Shoreline Village

One of the most iconic spots in Long Beach is Shoreline Village. The waterfront boardwalk has restaurants, fun stores, and plenty of entertainment. To have more fun at the place, take part in activities such as bike tours. You and your date can take a self-guided bike tour around Seal Beach, Naples, and Shoreline Village. After the bike ride, you can walk on water and dine on the waterfront.


Catalina Island

Take a ferry to Catalina Island and have fun with your date while at it. The ride starts from Long Beach Harbor and ends on the island. It is a perfect opportunity to escape the mainland's noise and enjoy the serene environment at Catalina Island. The ferry ride will take you less than an hour.

Whether you want to take a day, a full weekend, or longer, there are lots of fun activities for you and your date on the island. From the wonderful shopping experience to the thrill of exploring the zip line, there are enough activities to keep you busy.

Romantic Date Ideas for Adventurous Lovers in Long Beach

Take a tour of this city, and you will be blown away by the number of perfect locations for romantic dates. These romantic date ideas are set to create a good impression on your date.

SteelCraft Long Beach

An outdoor eatery sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic date. It is what you get if you visit SteelCraft Long Beach. The establishment was constructed from repurposed shipping containers, and it’s a perfect place for a casual but romantic date.

There are less than ten restaurants at SteelCraft, giving you various options depending on your preferences. You can take some noodles at Tajima Ramen, grab a coffee at Steelhead Coffee, have dessert at the Fresh Shave, and drink beer at Smog City Brewing.


Country Line Dancing

Get into shape by engaging in country line dancing at Cowboy Country. Cowboy Country is a country music dance club that will offer you and your date something different, away from the usual noise you are used to. You can go there on any Friday and take dance lessons.

Taking the dance lessons with your date ensures you will synchronize into the music's rhythm as you dance. The partner dance called “Horseshoe" would be perfect for you and your date. You will meet all types of people in this Country Club, not just cowboys.


The Sky Room

Sky Room is one of, if not the most romantic restaurants in Long Beach. You will automatically have a romantic date if you go to romantic restaurants, and Sky Room is one of the places that will give you that perfect romantic vibe. The restaurant is located at the top of the Breakers Hotel.

Go to the restaurant on weekends to enjoy music from live bands. There are spectacular views too that you can enjoy from various vantage points in the restaurant. Go up to the Up Lounge, a rooftop bar in the same building and you will have some of the most spectacular views from the bar.

4th Street “Retro Row"

4th Street “Retro Row" is located east of Cherry Avenue. This place has a wide variety of vintage clothing and furniture. Take your date here, and she will enjoy it, especially if she is into unique stuff. The two of you can then grab a drink at Art du Vin wine bar. Another romantic option is to watch a movie at the Art Theatre.

The Pine Avenue Pier

There is nothing that spells romantic than a beautiful view, especially in the presence of a loved one. The Pine Avenue Pier gives you and your date a rare view of beautiful sunsets, views that you will remember for a while. The views of the ocean, boats, lighthouse, and The Queen Mary are beautiful at dusk.

Cheap Date Ideas for Low-Budget Fun in Long Beach

Are you running on a low-budget and wondering where to take your date in Long Beach? Don’t worry; we got you. With the list of cheap date ideas we are going to give you, you will definitely find a perfect place for your date.

The Long Beach Antique Market

Long beach walks are beautiful, romantic, and in some places, free. You don’t have to hurt your pockets to enjoy a good time with your date. Take a beach walk at the Long Beach Antique Market. You can enjoy the flea market while at it. The market has an entrance fee of $6 from 6:30 am to 2 pm. If you prefer to go from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, it will cost you $12.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

This place is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic places in Long Beach. There is a large variety of flowers that add to the beauty of the garden. Yet it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to have a good time at the Japanese Garden. In fact, it is free. Visit this place to enjoy a romantic date with your girl. As the name suggests, the garden has a Japanese motif. There is a tea house where you and your date can sit and enjoy the tranquility of the garden.

The garden, which is located in the campus of California State University, is open from Tuesday through Friday — from 8 am to 3:30 pm. You can also go on Sundays when it’s open from noon to 4 pm. The garden is closed on Mondays and Saturdays.


El Dorado East Regional Park

This park has lots of options for you and your date during the day. It stretches for over 388.2 acres, and the park has fishing lakes and playgrounds. Enjoy the amazing landscape of the park as you set up a picnic for both of you. Other affordable activities at this park include renting a pedal boat and taking a train ride.

The Queen Mary

It is the legendary ocean liner popular in Long Beach. Queen Mary was a luxurious passenger ship that was considered one of the largest ships of the 20th century — 1,019 feet long and weighing 81,000 tons. A drink and dinner aboard a ship is the perfect date you can imagine, and it will not cost you much at The Queen Mary. You can also enjoy beautiful views from this location as you listen to blues, Jazz, and Latin music.


Battleship USS Iowa Museum

For less than $20, you can take your date to Battleship USS Iowa Museum and enjoy the rich history. The museum is great for anyone who loves WWII artifacts. Although not located in Long Beach, the museum is near San Pedro, which is a short drive away.