These Are Your Best Options for Oakland Date Night Ideas


Dating in Oakland can be fun, especially because of the variety of people in the city - you will find all types of people in this city. For girls interested in men in the technology field, this is your best-hunting grounds because most tech companies have set up base in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in the Silicon Valley. Away from this stereotype of a tech city, you will find men from diverse professional backgrounds.

Because of the vibrant nature of the city and diverse populations, the dating spots in Oakland are diverse too. There are high-end restaurants for taking your girl to classy dates, and there are cheap places too. For people seeking fun activities in the city, there are several options for you too. We sampled some of these places and are going to tell you more about them in this article.

Have Your First Date in These Great Spots in Oakland

The first date in Oakland should not be difficult to plan. All you have to do is choose a place that your potential partner is likely to like. It means asking them a few indirect questions, and you will get the hint. However, there are some places that are designed to work for the first date, whether you already know what they like or not. Check these first date ideas to know about these places.

Bar 355

Sometimes, because it is the first date, a little alcohol might be good for both of you to loosen up and be open to more conversations. It has been called ‘Dutch Courage’, but it is what it is, having a good time. Bar 355 is, therefore, the perfect spot for the first date in Oakland. With the awesome 1930s interiors and great cocktail, you are going to enjoy your date at this spot.


Grand Lake Farmers Market

Two things are crucial for a perfect first date. First, you need enough time to talk. Second, you should be able to cut the date short if things don’t go as planned. Go to the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market for a chit chat before deciding to settle in the nearby outlets for some coffee. If things continue to go well for both of you, you can have lunch and more conversations on Grand Ave.


Comedy Show

Nothing lights up the moment like a good set of jokes from a good performer. A comedy show is, therefore, a good option for the first date. One of the places you can try for good comedy shows in Oakland is the Sanctuary Ultra Lounge. Other comedy clubs you can try for your first date are Crowden Music Center, Laugh City, Runway Spirits, Critical Hit, and Comedy Oakland.

Oakland Zoo

It is another great spot for the first date. The zoo is a nice location and easy to access. You will enjoy good food, cool exhibits, rides, and much more there. One of the fun things to do in the zoo is to take the gondola ride and see lions from above. There are also cable cars but at an extra cost.


Tour the Chocolate Factory

Take a tour of the Oakland Chocolate Company with your lover and learn all about the chocolate coming from the factory. The company was a 2019 finalist in the International Chocolate Awards for their Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Bar. Alternatively, you can tour an ice cream factory at Rockridge.

Cool Places and Activities for a Fun Date in Oakland

Oakland is a fun city, and therefore easy to find fun spots in the city. From the parks' sporting activities, choose any venue that works for you, and have fun with your date. We have a few fun date ideas that you can also try out with your partner in Oakland.

Oakland Coliseum

Oakland has three professional teams. You have options to attend Raider’s, Oakland Athletics, or Golden State Warriors’ games. If your lover or partner is from another city and has a sports team from there that she or he supports, it would be fun to attend a game when they play teams from Oakland.



There are several bars and clubs in Oakland that are perfect for a couple’s hangout. If booze and dancing are your ideas of fun, then try these spots and enjoy a good time with your lover. One of the places we recommend is Hi-Life, a bar located on Broadway at 15th St. Order a couple of beers and then go upstairs to tilt some machines with your lover. Hi-Life has both old-school and modern machines, as well as older favorites like Ms. Pac Man and Frogger.


Street Festivals

Festivals and music concerts on the streets are fun. In Oakland, the Art and Soul Festival is one of the largest. Always check out when it’s happening and make sure you hop into the streets to have fun with your lover. Thousands of people attend this event, and you can join them to enjoy live music, excellent shopping, art, and multicultural food. If you ride a bike to the festival, there are free attended bike parking.

The Temple Club

Do not be dissuaded by the name; this is not a nightclub. It is the place to enjoy Vietnamese food in the Bay Area. You will therefore be trying new and bold cuisines when you take your date to this place. You will see items on the menu that you have never seen, so be ready for that too. You will see things like pork liver sauce, frog legs, and beef tongue. Come to the Temple Club when ready for the adventure. It is a perfect date for foodies.


Hot Air Balloon Rides

Just the thought of floating on air sounds scary but fun at the same time. You can try this adventure with your lover with the many options in Oakland. For example, try Bucket List Rides, which boasts of having professional and experienced pilots. The hot air balloon rides will give you the perfect views of Oakland from above.

Try These Romantic Date Spots in Oakland

Rekindle your love life by taking your partner to a romantic dinner date in the city. A romantic date also doesn’t necessarily have to be in a bar or restaurant, as we show you in this collection of romantic date ideas in Oakland.

Morcom Rose Garden

The Morcom Rose Garden is a Greek-inspired amphitheater tucked in a residential neighborhood off Grand Ave. The garden has hundreds of flowers, making it a perfect location for a romantic date in Oakland. You and your date can walk along the paved path to view the flowers. Alternatively, you can sit on the bench and take in the sun and beautiful smells from the flowers. The garden also hosts weddings.


Oakland Museum

This spot will only be considered romantic if your partner loves learning about culture and music. Oakland Museum is perfect for a Friday hangout as you get history and science lessons. After the exhibits' lessons, you can go to any of the food trucks for a meal. You may also sample these dishes, with the available varieties being Jamaican, Korean, among others. Share the different tastes from around the world with your date.

You can wind up the day at the museum with some good music from a DJ or live band. The museum slashes its charges by half on Friday nights, so this would be the perfect day and time if you want to take advantage of that offer.


If you are looking for an intimate venue for a romantic date with your lover, Yoshi’s should be up on your list. This place is known for its delicious sushi and amazing shows. It is also the right spot if both of you like jazz, soul, and funk. The prices are also reasonable.

The venue hosts some of the world’s best artists. So, always be attentive to their performances to catch your favorite artist in town.


The Parlour Oakland

It is one of the places where you take your date to have some romantic moments and impress her. With the rustic yet modern dark wood furnishings, white interiors, and high ceilings, this is a beautiful place for a date with your lover. Add the simple lighting at the place, and you have yourself a romantic date night to remember.

Enjoy your delicious Italian favorites as you engage in flirts and conversations with your date. Beer and wine are also available, just in case you feel like imbibing in some alcohol.

Affordable Places for a Cheap Date in Oakland

There are several places in Oakland where you can still hang out and have fun with your lover with a low budget. But maybe all you see are the expensive restaurants and social joints in the city. It is why we have prepared these cheap date ideas for you in the city. Look for something that you think will work for both of you and go for it.

Lounge at Lake Merritt

Have a good time with your lover along the banks of Lake Merritt at no or low cost. All you have to do is bring your picnic basket and a blanket. Chill on the grass and enjoy the great views of Downtown Oakland to the west. You can also see Eastlake from this spot, as well as the hills to the north.

Maybe a picnic is not your thing and therefore looking for other options. Go to Lake Chalet to enjoy dinner and cocktails. They have a live band on Tuesdays so that you can choose this particular day for the date.


Oakland Hills

Oakland’s hiking trails are some of the best. Taking a hike in these spots gives you two benefits. First, it is an affordable date idea. Secondly, it is a good workout for you and your lover, so why not go for it. You will also enjoy spectacular views along the way.

Get lost in the gorgeous redwood forests, giving you a feeling of being out of the city, yet you are still in the city. If you would prefer more company, you and your date can join a group hike at the East Bay Regional Park District.

Free Movies at Jack London Square

Enjoy free movies with your date during summer at Jack London Square. Always be ready to arrive early and set up your lawn chairs. You can also bring a blanket along. There are nearby eateries that are affordable, and you can always grab a bite to keep the night moving along. There are also mobile carts selling sweets, ice cream, and snacks. The companies sponsoring the shows or movies always bring other forms of entertainment along with the movies.


Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery

It is another affordable location for a cheap date in Oakland. Enjoy flora and fauna at this fantastic garden as you talk with your lover. It is a world-renowned garden that houses a wide variety of succulents. The garden was started by Ruth Bancroft, who lived to be 109. At just $10 for adults, the admission fee is affordable for average folks.