Date Night Ideas in Memphis, Tennessee


No one ever said that finding love is easy. Nothing worth having ever came easily, which is why if you want to win the heart of any man or woman, you have to be willing to put some effort into it. Luckily for you, here we will let you in on the secret of where you can find the best dating spots for Memphis singles, as well as providing you with some other ideas as to how you can woo your partner, regardless of whether this will be your first or 100th date. As one of the United States of America’s most beautiful cities, you should never be stumped for fun and romantic ideas for you and your love interest.

The Best First Date Ideas for New Couples

The Lookout at the Pyramid

Imagine sitting down with a beautiful woman or a handsome man for a perfect meal, greeted by a 360-degree view of Memphis, Tennessee. Whether you do so for lunch in the afternoon or dinner in the evening, this will simply be a wondrous sight to behold, second only to your date sitting opposite you. The Lookout at the Pyramid features a menu of southern classics, giving you an authentic taste of Memphis, which is perfect for anyone visiting from out of town, as well as being a winner for anyone local to the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.

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BBQ on the Mississippi

If you prefer a more grounded view of the city, as well as the famous Mississippi River, which runs through it, Central BBQ makes for a fantastic spot for any couple looking for a quick bite to eat while exploring. Again, with a menu of southern food and drink to remind you of where you are, this will go down well with any man or woman who is as passionate about Memphis as they are about love. For anyone asking out someone born and bred in the south, this may just be the best first date idea that you can come up with.

Get Your Game On at the Rec Room

It is probably one for younger couples, but that doesn’t mean to say that more experienced players won’t enjoy The Rec Room, where you can challenge your date (in a friendly and loving way, of course) to any of the vast arcade games that you can find. You may find that this fun and relaxed first date idea could just be your golden ticket to scoring that all-important second date and advancing to the next level.

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Carriage Ride through Memphis

What little girl has never dreamed of being led to her very own horse-drawn carriage like the princess she always wanted to be? In Memphis, you can make this dream come true with horse-drawn carriage rides available throughout this beautiful city. It could be your extravagant means of transport to your favorite restaurant, or you can get to know each other a little better over a glass of bubbly in the carriage as you take in the sights of Memphis. Take in the beautiful Downtown sights with a tour guide bringing you up to speed on the history of this great southern city.

Exciting and Fun Date Ideas in Memphis

Overton Square Entertainment District

Right in the heart of Midtown Memphis, you will find Overton Square Entertainment District, which is packed full of fun and unique activities that you and your date will enjoy. From events covering a wide range of interests mixed with exhibitions and restaurants aplenty, you could easily spend the entire day in this revitalized neighborhood... and why wouldn’t you want to? Take a look at what events are being held and plan your date around whatever takes your fancy. Unsurprisingly, music is very much at the core of Overton Square’s offering, so if you fancy getting comfortable after an excitable day, you can relax to the sound of live music.

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Kart Racing at Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Is your idea of a fun date something that gets your competitive juices flowing? If so, you should head on over to the Autobahn Indoor Speedway, where you and your partner can hit the track in go-karts and battle it out to see who is the best driver out of the two of you. For those who love an adrenaline rush, this is something that will make for a fantastic date regardless of whether you have only just met or have been dating for years.

Shelby Farms

If you prefer to be active, the urban parks found at Shelby Farms in Memphis certainly won’t disappoint. From zip lining to climbing and more, you will more than earn your meal after a few hours here. Here, you will be allowed to get out and about with each other, hopefully laughing and smiling along the way, as you take on a series of challenges. We would recommend ensuring that both you and your partner are fine with different elements such as heights and water before booking. If you are good to go, then feel free to get more than a little dirty.

 Date Ideas

Memphis Nightlife

No city can be the home of the rock ‘n’ roll legend that was Elvis Presley and not have a thriving nightlife scene. Memphis certainly will not disappoint, and with clubs offering live experiences like no other, hitting the town will make for a night that you won’t ever want to forget... so try not to! If you need some inspiration for the best nightclubs in the Memphis area, we can highly recommend In Love Memphis, Memphis Nites, and Rumba Room. Hit any of these places, and you and your date will be in for a fantastic night.

Woo Your Partner with Romantic Date Ideas


There is nothing more romantic than embracing one another underneath the stars. You can’t always guarantee a clear night, but the AutoZone Dome at The Sharpe Planetarium offers the next best experience. With stars projected across the venue’s state of the art facility, this could be as much of an educational experience as a romantic one. Holding your lover’s hand as you get lost under the stars is about as perfect as any date could possibly be, and you will have to go a long way to find anything more romantic than that.

 Date Ideas

Cruise Along the Mississippi

For a truly romantic date experience, you should get yourself onto one of Memphis Riverboats’ cruises along the Mississippi. Onboard, you and your lucky partner will benefit from a southern-style barbecue buffet, live jazz bands, and a wine bar you can head to for a quiet glass or two with your special one. When the skies are clear on the right evening, and the moonlight bounces off the river, these cruises make for the most romantic date nights that you will forever look back on fondly. Whether you are a Memphis local or have never stepped foot in Tennessee before, it is a must for any couple.

Bike along the River at Sunset

If a cruise doesn’t take your fancy, then why not go for a bike ride along the Mississippi at sunset? As a bike-friendly area, you can bike for miles along the river and settle down to watch the sunset on the city, making for a most romantic scene. No one could blame you if you forget where you are and become lost in the moment with your lover, setting the mood for a night that you will never forget. If you don’t have your bicycles, do not worry because you will easily be able to hire a bike for a reasonable fee.

Home Cooked Meal for Two - Southern Style

While Memphis offers an array of attractions suitable for anyone looking for the best romantic date idea, sometimes you simply cannot beat a hearty home-cooked meal for two made from love. Of course, if you are looking to win the heart of a Memphis local, then your meal should come with a southern twang about it, so don’t be afraid to experiment with those sources and ensure that you are serving up only the highest-quality cuts of meat.

Cheap Date Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Picnic at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens

You don’t have to break the bank to prove how much someone means to you. In many ways, showing that you can make for a fun company without the glitz and glamour of an expensive restaurant or anything else can be more endearing to your date. It is part of the reason why many couples love to head to The Dixon Gallery & Gardens for a picnic, where they can sit and relax with one another and enjoy a bit to eat and something to drink. The other part of the reason is that this is one of the most beautiful spots you can find anywhere in the state of Tennessee.

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Memphis Botanic Garden

While we are talking about beauty spots, it would be wrong for us to miss out on Memphis Botanic Garden, a 96-acre garden located in Audubon Park, which is open to the public. On a sunny day, there is no better place to be than going for a stroll through the gardens hand in hand with your beautiful woman or handsome man. The Memphis Botanic Garden also makes for an ideal spot to settle down for a picnic sitting outside in the sunshine if that’s your idea of a good date.

 Date Ideas

Summer Avenue Drive-In

For just $7.50, you can enjoy a drive-in movie with your date at Summer Avenue Drive-In. Whether you are excited to catch the latest release or just looking for an excuse to cuddle up with your date, a drive-in movie theatre has long been a favorite for couples young and old. In your own car, you are afforded a little more privacy than in a standard movie theatre, meaning that you can get as up close and personal with one another as you like (within reason, of course) without disturbing anyone else. After all, they are probably there for the same reason as you are.

Memphis Zoo - Free Entry with Shelby County ID

Our final cheap date idea is, actually, a free date idea as long as you have a valid Shelby County ID. It will grant you access to Memphis Zoo, as well as some other spots in the city, free of charge, allowing you to enjoy a day out without paying for any admission fee. It means that you can treat your date to food and drink, which is always a nice touch to any day out with someone special. Making for a relaxed and fun date idea, we are sure that you will have lots of fun with each other.

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