Romantic Date Night Ideas in Oklahoma City


Once you have found someone that puts butterflies in your stomach and makes you weak at the knees, you can be forgiven for believing that the hard work is over. That isn’t true at all because this is where the hard work begins as now you are tasked with organizing the most romantic night of your date’s life. There is a fine line between pushing the boat out and going over the top, just as the line between a casual evening and just coming across outright cheap can be equally as vague. Here, we will give you a helping hand with some fun and unique date night ideas for you and your lucky man or woman when looking for Oklahoma City dating spots.

Ideal First Date Ideas in Oklahoma City

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

For those who are hoping to come across sweet on their first date, nothing tops taking your love interest out for ice cream. At Roxy’s Ice Cream Social, you can indulge in a wide range of flavors as you get to know one another. It can make for a lovely little spot to head to for pudding after meeting over dinner or can be the main course of your date night. If you already know that your partner has a sweet tooth, this may be the perfect date idea if you hope to win their love and affection. Should sparks fail to fly, at least you will have had ice cream... and everyone loves ice cream!

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Painting with a Twist

It is primarily meant as a team-building exercise, but there is no reason why you could not book yourself onto Painting with a Twist with romance in mind. Those of an artsy persuasion (or even if they cannot draw to save their lives) will have lots of fun experimenting with a blank canvas. You can either attempt to create portraits of one another, paint something that means a lot to you, or anything else. The instructors will be on hand to offer little hints and tips, while the relaxed atmosphere of the sessions lends itself to new couples looking to get to know each other while taking part in a fun activity.

 Date Ideas

Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge

Bowling has and always will be a favorite amongst couples looking for a first date idea, and in Oklahoma City, the Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge has proven to be a popular spot since opening in the last few years. As well as enjoying a game or two of bowling, you can enjoy food and drink at the venue, making for an ideal afternoon or evening without the worry of having to get overly done up if you were going out to dinner at a posh restaurant, which isn’t for everybody. As we all know, bowling is one of the dating ideas that allow couples to get a little coy should one part require a little helping hand with their technique, just as you have probably seen in the movies.

Wine and Dine

For those a little more traditional, you probably believe you cannot beat a night filled with good food and drink at a plush restaurant. We certainly won’t disagree, especially with numerous quality restaurants in the Oklahoma City area that will more than satisfy any man or woman's appetite. Sometimes, the best first date ideas are those that aren’t overthought, so if you have a personal favorite restaurant that you can rely on to make your night as romantic as possible, we wouldn’t blame you for playing it a little safe.

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Fun Date Ideas for New and Established Couples

Oklahoma City Zoo

You can make a day of it at Oklahoma City Zoo, which is perfect whether you are looking for a fun first date or have been courting for a longer period. Animal lovers will adore walking around the zoo where you can visit the monkeys, see the elephants, and watch on as the animals are fed. This zoo is one that carries out fantastic work to protect the wildlife that you will come across, so you need not worry about finding anything that harms the world’s ecosystem. Once you have finished your walk around this place, it is better to sit in and enjoy some food and drink and talk about your favorite parts of what you have seen.

 Date Ideas

Ballroom Dance Classes at 3Sixty Dance

Dance, as everybody knows, is the language of love. There is no more romantic experience than two bodies jiving against one another, whether they are moving to the rhythm of salsa or the sound of the flamenco. At 3Sixty Dance, couples can attend dancing lessons suitable for beginners and experienced dancers, although the true magic lies within becoming closer than ever with your partner. If you are looking for a night of passion, nothing will get the blood pumping like allowing your bodies to do the talking for you. It may just set the tone for the rest of the evening (and we hope it does!).

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Rafting at Riversport OKC

If you search for an active date idea that will get your blood pumping in more ways than one, rafting at Riversport OKC is a fantastic way to have fun and connect with your partner. Even if neither of you would consider yourselves to be adrenaline junkies, your instructors will look after you to ensure that you have a fantastic time rafting down the river. Just try not to fall into the water, and if you do, make sure to pack an extra set of clothes just in case!

Kart Racing at Pole Position Raceway

Would you and your partner consider yourselves to be somewhat competitive? If so, kart racing could go one of two ways but, assuming you can laugh it off afterward (even if you come off second best), kart racing at Pole Position Raceway could make for a fantastic alternative date idea. Don’t worry if neither of yourselves would exactly classify yourselves as petrol heads, and you don’t know your head gaskets from your spoilers, because kart racing is all about the fun! Your instructor will tell you everything you need to know, which is essentially how to accelerate, brake, and steer your vehicle. Once you are out on the track, it will be the two of you going head to head... How desperate are you to come out on top?

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Romantic Date Ideas for Hopeless Romantics

River Cruise

With a beautiful and scenic river running through the city, it only makes sense to take full advantage of the natural beauty at your disposal. Cruises run regularly throughout the day, complete with a wining and dining experience, making for the perfect date idea for any couple. Romance will almost certainly be in the air as you sit out on the deck, watching over the North Canadian River with a sparkling drink in hand as the moonlight glistens off the river, staring deeply into your partner’s eyes. You simply won’t help but fall in love on such a perfect night.

Walk through Myriad Botanical Gardens

If the two of you enjoy taking in the great outdoors and would much rather be active than sitting down for an hour or two, a walk around Myriad Botanical Gardens is a winner. We probably wouldn’t recommend this as a first date idea - perhaps leave this for when you have seen each other a few times - but going on a walk together can provide you with the opportunity to connect with your date on a deeper level. That and going on a long walk gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a sweet treat when you are finished.

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Winchester Drive-In Movies

There is a little more romantic than settling down to a movie with your favorite snacks. In the theatre, privacy isn’t available in abundance but, at a drive-in movie theatre, you can cuddle up in the privacy of your own vehicle. When the day turns to night, and a classic flick is put up on the big screen, a drive-in movie can make for a fantastic date idea. If you aren’t interested in a movie much, you can kiss and cuddle as much as you like without fear of getting on the nerves of anyone else who may be invested in the movie.

Cook for Her/Him

While getting glammed up for a night in the town, taking your lucky date to your favorite restaurant is always a recipe for success. Sometimes cooking a meal for two is even more romantic. When food is made with love, it is twice as delicious and ten times as sweet. In the hands of a capable chef, inexpensive ingredients can be brought together to make a dish that wouldn’t look out of place served to guests dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Add in a bottle of wine and, most importantly, good company, and you are on to a winner.

Cheap Date Ideas for Anyone Seeking Love

The World is Your Oyster

Love isn’t reserved exclusively for those with deep pockets. For the majority of us, while we would love to be able to shower our partner’s with gifts and romantic date nights without the worry of sticking to a budget, that simply isn’t a reality. However, all is not lost, and just because you may have to be a little more frugal than you would ideally like to be, that doesn’t mean that fun activities are off the table. We believe that cheap date ideas can help you to find the one that loves you for who you are, not for what you are willing to spend.

Picnic in Will Rogers Park

If you would prefer somewhere a little quieter for a romantic picnic for two, why not head towards Will Rogers Park where you can sit down for a bite to eat without so much as a care in the world? It is a popular spot for couples young and old to come to where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. On a sunny day, you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere more attractive than this natural beauty spot anywhere else in the country.

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Live! on the Plaza

We have all been there where we want to go out and experience something fun and unique, but our bank balance isn’t exactly allowing for that, which is why this free monthly festival should be something that excites anyone in the Oklahoma area. For new and established couples, Live! on the Plaza is held every second Friday of the month and is a fantastic spot to experience live music, fantastic food and drink, and a variety of other interesting exhibitions on show.

Weekly Poetry Night (at Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill)

This final cheap date night idea is perhaps for those who consider themselves to be more sophisticated but makes for a fantastic evening all the same. Every week at Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill, there is a poetry night. Here, you can choose to listen to other peoples’ submission, or you can get up on stage and deliver your own poetry, which will, of course, come straight from the heart. If you are looking for a cheap yet romantic way to woo your date, why not dedicate something to your partner?