What It’s Like Dating in Los Angeles

couple looking at LA's evening

You would assume that dating in Los Angeles would be easy because there are supposed to be so many single people milling about. No matter how much effort you put into a meeting and trying to connect with new people, you can’t seem to find a meaningful connection with someone.

Here are some tips that will help you understand how to date in LA and maybe go from being single in Los Angeles to at least happily dating.

1. Location Is Everything

santa monica pier

When you are talking to someone new, and you feel like things are really picking up steam between you two, there is going to be a point where they ask you what area of Los Angeles do you live. Unfortunately, because LA is so full of people, they aren’t all that willing to date someone who doesn’t live within 5 miles of them. So if you live in Santa Monica, you might have to say adios to that hottie.

2. You’re Already Dating Your Car


If you live in LA, you already know that you’re in for a lot of driving. While you can flirt with someone while inching your way down the 10, you’re going to be alone again once they get to their exit. You’ll be spending lots of time in your car so you may be wondering where to meet women in LA that don’t include a long stretch of road and bumper to bumper traffic. The answer? Singles Events! Los Angeles is sure to several singles events that are the perfect opportunity to meet lovely women!

3. Avoid Folks “In The Industry”

outdoor bar

Look, since you’re living and dating in LA, chances are you’re going to run into someone who claims to be “in the industry.” That’s just the very nature of being out there. However, you might want to shy away from people who are actively pursuing a career in the entertainment industry because they’re at a high risk of flaking on you, they’ll be away on location frequently, and who knows what else.

4. It Is Possible to Have a Cheap Date in LA

griffith observatory

Dating in Los Angeles can be expensive, especially if you’re trying to impress your date. However, sticking to a budget can be tricky. For those first few dates where you want to impress your date but not shell out the big bucks just yet, there are plenty of outdoorsy activities that you can do. Pack a picnic, and you’re set.

5. Forget the Walk of Shame

summer terraсe

Instead of the Walk of Shame, think of it as the Uber of Shame. Of course, since you’re in a classy area like LA, this isn’t such a bad thing because the Uber drivers aren’t going to judge you and you can nurse that hangover in peace while they haul your butt back to your car (or your house).